7 Benefits of a Retaining Wall


When you purchase a home, you will have many aspects of it inspected by a professional, such as, the plumbing and electricity. However, many people do not realize how important it is to have the surrounding outside area of a home inspected also. If the house is located on a hill for instance, you may have a problem with water seeping into the home when it rains. In this case, if there is no retaining wall already in place, you will need to have one installed.

1- What Is The Function Of A Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are installed in areas where there is potential for water leaking into any building. This water will most likely come from rain or it could be from a small stream that will overflow. The water will drain downward towards a building and will eventually get inside. A retaining wall is a short structure that is installed surrounding the building. It is typically placed at the lowest point of travel for the water. The wall serves to divert the water away from the building.

2- Landscaping Using A Retaining Wall

If your home is located on a slope, you should have a retaining wall installed to keep the ground from crumbling. A wall will help to maintain the look of your front or back yard and can add to the beauty of your landscape. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and while they are very functional, they can also be attractive.

3- Keep Water Out Of Your Basement

Retaining walls are a great way to keep water from entering your home and can become a very nice part of your backyard. You could add planters to the top of the wall and have flowers draping over the sides of it. This is a great way for you to add to your backyard decor while protecting your home.

4- Increase The Value Of Your Home

Retaining walls can actually add to the value of your property if they are installed in the right way. Many people find them to be a great addition to their home and have them installed just as an added attraction. The resale price of your home could increase tremendously if you have one put in. Curb appeal is most important when you are trying to sell your home.

5- Creating Handicap Accessibility At Your Business

Many businesses today are using retaining walls in order to comply with local regulations regarding handicap accessibility. In order to create a gentle slope, they will have these walls installed by professionals. This allows them to provide all of their customers with the ability to enter their premises while they are bringing their site up to the codes that exist.

6- Using Property That Has Been Neglected

By putting in a retaining wall, you will be able to add to the usable area of your backyard. If you have had a part of your property that has been neglected in the past, installing a wall will help you to separate that area and make it more functional. This may also create a garden type area for you to plant flowers or vegetables.

7- Using A Retaining Wall For Access To Lakefronts

If your home or business is located on a lake or other body of water, using a retaining wall, you could add steps down to this water or have it become a path for people to follow. This will allow you to provide your guests with lake access that may otherwise have been impossible.

While retaining walls are used in many ways in both homes and businesses, there are many regulations that must be followed when having one installed. Check with your local building and code department to find out what is needed and if there are any permits that must be applied for. Your town or city may have inspectors come to the job site in order to make sure it is being installed correctly. If using a contractor for the work, they will apply for any permits and work with inspectors. Once the work is completed, your wall should last for many years. Your contractor will guarantee their work and if any problems arise, contact them to make repairs.


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