7 Easy Ways to Find Niche Products Online


If you are looking for something specific and niche online, it can be a hassle. After all, they are not likely to have the kind of marketing and exposure behind them that a major brand would have. Because of that, you need a game plan and a strategy that can help you shave down the time and hassle it takes to find them. Here are 7 easy ways to make your search much quicker and easier:

1- Search Industry Blogs

The first place to start could be going to various industry blogs related to the topic of the product you are looking for. This is usually led by an industry expert. For instance, if you want a specific kind of gardening tool, check out home and gardening blogs from real people who do this every day. They are more likely to have their finger on the pulse of the market and its niche needs.

2- Listen to Related Podcasts

Podcasts are not just a fun way to pass the time. They can also teach you a lot and introduce you to new products in small niches. Sometimes, they receive a commission for this. Other times, they are just being a friendly service for their listeners. Either way, you could get some great leads on products that you won’t hear about in other places.

3- Install Amazon Plugins

Amazon is the largest ecommerce site in the world. You will find a lot of common products fill the search engine on the first page when searching on Amazon. However, if you use more specific search terms and play around with the settings, you could find niche products that are not at the top of the rankings yet. Don’t be turned away by a lack of reviews or sales. This could just be an effect of the niche nature of the specific product, as it appeals to a smaller potential audience.

4- Ask Friends in that Niche

Word of mouth is still a powerful to get things done in today’s world. You never know when one of your friends knows about the product you have been looking for all this time. As a bonus, attend meetups in the hobby that you are involved in and ask around.

5- Use Google SEO Tools

Marketers use SEO tools all the time. You can flip the script and use it to find products. Use combinations of keywords and let Google fill in the blanks for you.

6- Try Variations of the Name

Not every product is called by simply one name. Some have several variations you have to try out. Keep mixing it up until you strike gold on the exact item you want.

7- Use Directories

Certain web directories specialize in linking to niche products and companies that make them. If you do enough research, you will come across the right directory. Then, it’s a matter of starting at the beginning and working your way through.

8- Get on Mailing Lists from Certain Providers

You might not like the idea of being on a mailing list and getting ads. However, this can sometimes be the best way to find out about niche offerings. If they are in a certain market, they will constantly update on the findings they come across and give a friendly notice of where to find it.

When looking for niche products online, it is easier said than done. However, that does not mean it is impossible. In fact, with the right resources and the right attitude, you can find the exact products that you are looking for. Use the tips above instead of falling into common pitfalls and endless rabbit holes that others fall prey to. That way, you’ll have that specific product in your hands faster, without all of the issues.


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