7 Reasons We Love Solariums


Talk about “letting in the light.” That’s exactly what a solarium can do for your home. There are so many different types of solariums and ways to decorate them, but one thing they all share in common is their unique way of letting you enjoy the outdoors from inside your home practically any day of the year.

Some people get sunrooms and solariums confused. The two rooms are similar, but a solarium is totally made of glass, according to real estate experts. You will know it’s definitely a solarium when you look up and notice that along with a wall of windows, there is a glass roof.

We adore solariums because they add such versatility to one’s home and personal space.

1. Room With A View

It would be hard to deny a solarium as having the best view of a home. When you’re surrounded by floor to ceiling glass, you really can’t miss, especially if your solarium is built in the backyard and faces a lovely wooded area, looks out on the water, a hilly slope or some kind of colorful, natural backdrop.

It’s all about location, and solariums offer amazing horizons when yours is home to a little slice of nature.

2. A Relaxing Spot

For some, solariums offer a quiet and cozy place to kick back or study or even to recover from an illness. For example, the White House has a solarium on the third floor that offers stunning views of the Washington Monument and the Mall from every possible angle.

The WH solarium has been enjoyed by several United States presidents. The late Ronald Reagan once told Bill Clinton that his favorite room in the WH was the solarium.

3. Perfect For Plants

If you enjoy having beautiful houseplants that thrive and connect you to the outdoors, solariums are ideal for decorating with pretty greens and colorful flowers and even herbs.

The right types of plants will add a lovely charm to your glass room. Some solarium-friendly plants include hibiscus, orchids, citrus trees, cactus plants and Boston ferns.

4. Studying The Stars

Solariums are wonderful for looking up and appreciating a nearly unimpeded view of the sky. These special glass rooms offer something to see 24/7, and if you like moon or star gazing, this kind of room puts you in another universe come nighttime.

5. Super For Socializing

Not only do solariums provide a space of their own for family members, but these stunning rooms are perfect for bringing friends and loved ones into a setting for celebrating or hanging out.

Solariums make nice brunch environments or a bridal shower room, etc. The sky’s the limit, so to speak, on how to entertain there.

6. All-Seasons Room

It depends on where you reside, but many people enjoy their solarium and its passive solar effects all year long. In colder climates, others add heating to the glass-encased room. You can watch the seasons change every day of the year, and no matter the weather, appreciate nature’s bounty from indoors.

7. Value To The Home

Solariums are a wise choice for many homeowners. These unique, modern rooms add value, versatility and that “wow” factor to a home.


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