9 Occasions to Gift A Candle to Someone


The glow of candlelight illuminates some of the most memorable moments in our lives, from romantic evenings, intimate dinners, religious services, and moments of solo reflection.

Candles make a wonderful gift for so many reasons. They are personal and unique without being overly intimate. They go well with all decor. The recipient will remember you when enjoying your thoughtful present. Everyone loves candles. Here are suggestions for when to present someone with the elegant gift of candlelight.


Candles make a gorgeous anniversary present. Lovely, romantic, and the lighting of candles carry a lineage of lighting the Unity Candle, while also conveying the nobility of change and transformation.


Maybe it is the association with candles on a birthday cake. Perhaps it is the symbolism of watching the dance of the flame on the wick that evokes the temporal. While there is no wrong choice in the gift of a candle, the occasion of a birthday allows you to show off how well you know the recipient. Favorite color, type of candle, from taper to pillar, round or square or crafted in the shape of an iconic image. Soy or beeswax or scented. A birthday is an opportunity to honor and appreciate someone special in your life.

Farewell Present

A farewell can be a bittersweet time. Help make it more sweet with the gift of a candle, which the gift recipient can enjoy on either end of the journey, in the present or saving to reach the destination.


Graduates are often moving, upwards in the world, and literally changing addresses. A candle is a practical gift. Gorgeous. Warming. And something to enjoy in the moment without having to pack in a box.

House Warming

A new abode is a perfect time to give a candle. Candles go with all styles of decoration. Unlike some bulky, heavy, or delicate potential presents, candles are quite portable. The gift of a quality waxworks is an excellent way to honor the individual and the new dwelling.


When someone you know has been burning the candle at both ends to earn their promotion, let them know that you acknowledge and honor all of their hard work by giving the gift that glows and warms.

Solstices and Equinoxes

Many diverse cultures celebrate the solstices and equinoxes. They are natural events that inspired awe and invited celebration for our ancestors and they continue to inspire as holidays and celebrations have grown around them. The days are longest at the summer solstice and the days are shortest at the winter solstice. The equinox’s name gives a hint as to its occurrence: the Sun’s path crosses the equator and “the length of the nights at latitudes +L° and -L° are of equal length.” Each year we celebrate the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinoxes.


The Unity Candle is an evocative part of many marriage ceremonies. The unity candle is comprised of a larger pillar type surrounded by two tapers. It is usually white, and it is often decorated with an image or inscription that is meaningful to the couple.

Winter Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is an exceptional time to give the gift of light. Whatever festivities that you choose to celebrate, a candle is a great choice to give a thoughtful seasonal present. On a practical level, a candle is a gift that makes shopping simple during a bustling time of the year. You can be assured that artisanal wax is something both necessary and luxurious for the recipient. Relax warm and secure in the knowledge that everyone uses and enjoys candles.

Candles can add clarity and warmth to your own life by allowing you to express generosity and consideration with ease. When you find candles that you admire and enjoy, purchase, wrap, beribbon, or add a card. They are then ready and waiting to be gifted on that special occasion or simply just because you want to share a stylish and thoughtful present with someone.


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