9 Tips to Properly Groom Your Labradoodle


Labradoodles are wonderful dogs, but they do need a lot of care. Their beautiful coat will only stay healthy and attractive if you take the time to groom them. Most people will need to do basic grooming once every week or two, but that does not have to be a huge amount of work. You can make it relatively quick and easy if you keep a few basic rules in mind.

1- Study Body Language

Dogs communicate with their body language. Grooming one is much easier if you can understand how your dog is feeling so that you can react accordingly, which means that you should take the time to learn about that body language. Fortunately, that is fairly easy. Humans and dogs have been together for thousands of years, so we tend to be very good at understanding each other. It will be enough to read up on the topic, and then to trust your judgment whenever your dog does something that you can’t understand.

2- Watch for Matted Hair

Matted hair is one of the biggest problems that you will face when grooming your dog. Mats can develop anywhere, but they tend to show up on the belly or around the toes more often than in other places. It is important to get rid of them quickly, both because it is easiest to remove them when they are small and because they cause pain. You will normally need to cut the matted hair off to get rid of it, and then brush the area around it to get rid of any remaining tangles.

3- Brush Regularly

You can prevent most mats with regular brushing. You should make a point of brushing every inch of your labradoodle’s coat, but it is worth spending some extra time to focus on the areas that are more prone to matted hair. Be sure to get rid of all of the little tangles and any debris that is in the hair.

4- Start Slow

Most dogs don’t like it when you groom them, but they can learn to tolerate or even enjoy it. Simply start slow to avoid stressing your dog and give them time to get used to it. It will get easier over time if you do it frequently.

5- Make it a Habit

Try to groom your dog at the same time each week. That will turn grooming into a habit that both of you expect, which makes it much easier to remember to do it on time.

6- Remember the Nails

Your dog’s nails will grow quickly, and they can get very uncomfortable if they get too long. That also makes it easier for a dog to accidentally damage the furniture, so it is best to keep them short. Most people will need to trim their labradoodle’s claws once every week. Be careful when doing so to make sure that you do not cut them too short, which can cause pain for the animal. If they do get too long, cut them back to size over time rather than removing a huge chunk all at once to reduce the risk of pain.

7- Keep Them Clean

Preventing problems is much easier than fixing them after the fact. A dirty coat will naturally tend to form mats over time, and many grooming tools work poorly on those coats. It is much better to give your dog a regular bath to make sure that he or she can stay as neat as possible and avoid that type of problem.

8- Use Rewards

Be sure to give your dog a treat or another reward after the grooming session. That will teach them that good things happen after grooming and help them to stay calm and comfortable with the entire procedure. Be sure to stick to small treats to help make sure your puppy doesn’t get fat!

9- Examine Everything

Grooming is a great opportunity to check your dog for medical problems. Examine the animal’s entire body but pay especially close attention to the ears and eyes because they are more prone to infection. If anything seems out of place or unhealthy, take your canine friend to the vet for a proper examination.


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