Commercial Vehicle: Keeping Your Commercial Fleet Clean


Your commercial fleet of vehicle snot only forms a segment of your assets in your company but also flags your enterprise name. As you make your intra or inter-city trips, everyone will be looking at your image, slogan, phone number and the general appearance of the automobiles. This is the first selling point that you should take advantage of. When the customers sit on the roadside benches, walk by the streets or stop at a red light on a pedestrian crossing, they will constantly be evaluating your fleet’s image. All they see should be a clean, shining and an admirable vehicle. A clean vehicle depicts the professionalism of the given company; the logo or the phone number, for instance, should not wallow in filth.

Moreover, both your customers and the staff will feel happy and comfortable riding in them. This is why you should not dedicate one of your internal staff to be responsible for cleaning it. You can have a yard for washing your fleet, if you think it is more convenient, of which you have professionals paid just for that work. Alternatively, you can call a commercial cleaning service to refurbish the image of your company. You need a cleaner that takes care of the external and internal neatness. You not only need a clean automobile, but a safe, economically viable vehicle that is trusted by both the staff and the customer.

You might probably be asking how cleanliness translates to road safety. Glad you asked! We talked with industry leaders Fleet Clean who explained, “Unsoiled clutch, braking and accelerator pads will mean that there will be minimum sliding while driving. A clean windshield, on the other hand, gives the drive full visibility for both the front and the rear road sections.” It is okay if the driver is struggling with visibility due to smog, rather than have them battle with the dirt on the windows. This will only add stress and fatigue to the drivers of these vehicles. Total visibility eliminates any vehicle accidents that aren’t as a result of driver fault.

A clean vehicle is much more aerodynamic, cruises at ease and consumes less fuel. Moreover, a vehicle that is carrying too much dirt means that this is some extra weight. It is not much, but that extra ounce of mud has a significant reduction in the fuel consumption efficiency. The fuel prices are skyrocketing, and every cent that you save is a plus to your profits. Pressure-washing ensures that all the dirt stuck underneath is completely scrapped off. Ensure that your fleet has some dedicated time for professional cleaning at very reasonable intervals or when the need arises.

When you are searching for the best ways to clean your commercial fleet, there are a number of considerations you need to make. You need to get yourself a service provider that is reliable whether you are around to supervise or not. A service that uses the right and environmentally recommended washing products that upholds the glitter n your vehicles is what you need. The cost of cleaning is another factor. I believe the best consideration for someone with a large fleet is to have an understanding with the service provider for monthly payments that will have them clean your automobiles on the agreed number of times. You need a service that cares about your business; one that will inform you of any problems found in your trucks.

Finally, cleaning of large vehicles is involving. This is so because you will have to reach out to the nooks in order to clear all the dirt. For an inexperienced person, this will be hard, and the vehicle will not turn out as clean. You, therefore, need to do a chase for the right cleaners.


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