5 Different Types of Nautical Lamps


Inspiration for nautical decor is easy to find, especially if you look into one of the main home accents that helps to define this design style, nautical lamps. “Giving your home a beach and nautical inspired vibe gives you a way to bring the joy you feel when you spend time on the beach or on the water into your home,” according to Big Ship Salvage.

When you feature nautical lamps on end tables, freestanding or on walls, they give you some good inspiration for conversation. The history and romance of the sea also inspires well told stories. It’s a great way to tell your favorite tales from sailing, or from times when you’ve enjoyed the beach.

Five Types Of Nautical Lamps

Here are five ideas for nautical lamps that can help you express your individual style:

  • Lamps crafted from Seashells – Whether seashells are the main focal point of your lamps, thoughtfully arranged into a pattern, or are pressed into another medium like clay or ceramic, they give your lamp a sea inspired look. Types of seashells commonly used for nautical lamps include Capiz shells, conch shells, oyster shells and assorted sizes and shapes of mollusks shells.
  • Glass Bottles filled with Nautical Items found while Beach Combing – Another popular style of nautical lamp is created from glass bottles that are used as a lamp base, and then filled with seashells and other items you might find beach combing, like starfish and sea horses. These items help to turn a simple glass bottle into a beach themed lamp.
  • Lamps made from Nautical Accent Pieces – things like anchors, rope, buoys, replica light houses, driftwood and large pieces of coral make excellent lamp bases and stylish accents for a nautical inspired lamp.
  • Lamps crafted from Nautical Antiques – items like antique diving helmets, barometers, industrial lights, ship wheel replicas and antique instrumentation from sailboats create interesting nautical lamps that quickly become conversation starters.
  • Lamps with Nautical Inspired Lamp Shades – Shades that are crafted from maps, navigational charts or from nautically inspired materials like burlap, rope or jute.

Nautical Lamps help create a Peaceful Seaside Ambiance

Nautical design done right is timeless, but also has new appeal. Even though old and weather worn implements may be used, the feelings they create are of a renewed spirit and the special ambiance that can only be provided by the sea. Thoughtfully displayed nautical accents tell your stories of the sea in a profound way.

Decorating with nautical lamps helps to create that feeling you’ve experienced of serenity and peace when you’re near the water. There is something healing to the soul about being surrounded by salty air and the sound of crashing waves. A longing to return to the calming, peaceful influence of the sea is artfully expressed by using nautical inspired decor in your home.


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