7 Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen


When your home’s kitchen is beginning to look outdated, it is time to modernize it with one or more of these ideas. You can complete a total remodel on a kitchen, or you can update slowly to remain within your budget.

1: Create a New Floor Plan

If you home was built before there were dishwashers, trash compactors or microwave ovens, then it probably has a nonfunctional floor plan. To update your kitchen’s floor plan, you should meet with a design expert who will look at your home’s blueprints. Rearranging an entire kitchen requires an understanding of its plumbing and electrical wiring. In addition, you must submit a remodeling plan to a local government office that will send an inspector to your home to determine if you have the proper safety features and fire exits.

2: New Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Old-fashioned cabinets in a kitchen can make it look outdated because the metal is rusting or the wood is crumbling. However, you can replace kitchen cabinets with the help of a contractor. A home improvement company will likely have an assortment of kitchen cabinets from different manufacturers, and a knowledgeable salesperson can help you choose the best type of wood cabinets for your home. “In many cases, you can increase the amount of storage in your kitchen by adding the right styles of cabinets that have drawers, doors and shelves,” said Pyramid Professional Cabinetry, Inc.

3: Replace a Kitchen’s Countertops

After replacing a kitchen’s cabinets, you will need new countertops that are made of stone such as granite or quartz. It is also possible to find wood, plastic or other types of countertops. If the kitchen cabinets in your home are in good condition, then it is still possible to install new countertops that aren’t scratched or discolored with stains. While replacing your countertops, you can select a new color or design, and you can also add backsplashes on the walls of your kitchen.

4: Choose Better Appliances For Your Kitchen

It is time to replace the old appliances in your kitchen with new top-of-the-line models that look great and work better. You may want a new refrigerator that has extra features such as a water dispenser. Instead of having a microwave oven that sits on the countertop, you can select a built-in appliance. It is possible to find a stove that has a section for grilling food, or you can select a stove that has double ovens to bake foods at different temperatures at the same time.

5: Update the Kitchen’s Plumbing Fixtures

While updating your kitchen, look for a new sink that is deeper and wider, making it easier to prepare meals or wash dishes. A kitchen sink undergoes a lot of wear and tear, leading to chips or scratches that make it look unattractive. While selecting a new kitchen sink, make sure to look at the great faucets that are available. While adding a faucet and sink, make sure to replace old water pipes and connectors to prevent moisture leaks. In addition, have a garbage disposal unit installed to make it easier to keep your kitchen clean and smelling fresh.

6: Install New Flooring in a Kitchen

When the floor tiles in your kitchen are loose, discolored or cracked, it is time to replace the items with a new material. At a home improvement or flooring store, you can find floor tiles that are easy to install on your own, or you can hire a professional installer to perform this job. If you want to make a kitchen’s floor easier to keep clean, then choose tile that resists stains. You can also find slip-resistant floor tile to avoid falling on a wet surface.

7: Add Lighting To Your Kitchen

If your kitchen has old light fixtures and small windows, then it might be a struggle to prepare meals or eat a meal. Fortunately, you can install new ceiling and wall light fixtures to have better lighting over the new countertops. In some cases, you can also add bigger windows to your home’s kitchen to have additional natural lighting. Light fixtures and attractive windows can add a decorative effect to a kitchen.


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