Wedding Hairstyles: Special Hair For Your Special Day


You’ve been on the go for months planning every detail of your amazing wedding day. You’ve chosen the best groom, an incredible dress, wedding and reception venues, food, flowers, invitations, band or disc jockey and wedding decor. Finally, it’s time to take a breath. The day you’ve waited for is almost here. You need to find a special way to have your hair done for your special day!

Many Ways You Can Choose To Style Your Hair

There are so many fabulous options for hairstyles for your special wedding day. The most challenging thing is deciding which one to choose. You’ve always dreamed of looking like a princess or like a glamorous Hollywood actress when you walk down that aisle. Little girls dream of these things from an early age!

First, you need to decide whether you want to go with a classic style, sleek and sophisticated style, something romantic, a glamorous or a bohemian do! This decision should be based on your personality, dress style and the wedding decor you’ve chosen for your special day. A bohemian hairstyle would clash with a sophisticated, glamorous dress for example. You want your hairstyle to blend in, and not to be a distraction.

To Accessorize Your Hair Or To Go Without Accessories

Another important thing you need to decide on is whether to use gorgeous decorative hairpieces in your hair or to keep your hair simple, basic and unadorned. You can choose from a huge variety of hair clips from those with rhinestone accents to simple satin ribbon, lace and pearls, or elegant statement floral accents. Hair clips look beautiful and even an elegant headband or tiara can make a stunning impression, especially when paired with a simply styled gown. Choose from accents like:

– Beads
– Butterflies
– Pearls, Real or Faux
– Grosgrain or Satin Ribbon
– Feathers
– Gemstones

We talked with Studio 417 salon who explained that you also need to consider if you will be wearing a veil or another type of bridal headpiece. They said, “these things all factor into your decision about whether to use decorative hair accessories. Choose the veil first, then the hairpiece so you’re not wasting money on something that won’t work together.”

Examples Of Wedding Day Hairstyles

The most important thing to remember is to choose a wedding day hairstyle that truly reflects your personality. Here are some of the most popular wedding hairstyle choices:

Romantic – Beach inspired waves, curls and free-flowing hair that touches your shoulders or longer. These styles are perfect for outdoor, rustic or beach themed weddings.

Elegant – Try bangs that are swept over to one side for true elegance, paired with a sophisticated french twist styled up-do. Or, try a partially up and partly down style for incredible glamor.

Bohemian – Let your inner flower child come out to play with styles featuring lots of texture, big and loosely flowing waves and floral accents. Or, if you’d rather wear your hair up, try a very loosely styled bun with strands freely flowing from it.

Classical – The most popular classical styles include a chignon, rolled bun, sophisticated knots, braids and very soft curls that are delicately pulled to one side. Nothing says romance in a classically inspired way like soft curls.

A Big Decision: Bangs Or No Bangs?

Another big decision to make when choosing your wedding hairstyle is whether to go with bangs. Bangs can be so pretty, but they can also be a huge commitment. Once you have them, it can take a long time for them to grow out later if you decide you no longer want them.

Face shape is an important part of the decision to wear bangs. Whether your face is heart-shaped, oval, round, square or rectangular will help you make that decision, along with professional advice from your stylist. You’ll need to decide whether bangs should go off to one side, be parted or simply lay straight across your forehead. The perfect hairstyle adds so much to your beautiful, memorable wedding day!


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