Back to Basics: Why You and Your Business Need Cloud Based Security


Digital security has never been more important. The true cost of a data breach is often far greater than many businesses and organizations might anticipate, especially in situations where customer relationships or a company’s brand or identify may be negatively impacted. While more and more workflow processes migrating to the cloud, cloud-based security has become an issue that warrants serious consideration. Taking steps to protect the sensitive data, files and digital information that may be stored in the cloud can go a long way towards reducing the risk of a breach.

There Is No Such Thing As a Minor Data Breach

It seems like everyday brings news of yet another high-profile data breach. While larger institutions and established businesses may be able to weather the storm, new startups and mid-sized businesses may lack the clout or financial resources needed to deal with the consequences of a hack, breach or other form of cyberattack. Investing in cloud-security solutions can spare businesses the embarrassment, added expense or lasting damage that a breach may cause to their image and reputation.

More and More Business Is Being Done in the Cloud

The reduced overhead and greater flexibility made possible thanks to cloud storage, cloud-based applications and infrastructure-as-service has seen businesses migrating to the cloud in ever-growing numbers. Ensuring that cloud-based environments are able to be made as safe and secure as possible is of paramount importance. Moving data off-site or allowing staff and associates to access a wider range of sites and services could entail a greater element of risk than many businesses realize. The security services, software and solutions needed to make cloud-environments safer are not resources that should go overlooked.

On-site It and Network Security May Only Be Half the Solution

Even businesses that maintain an on site IT professional or department may not be able to ensure that off-site data is able to be stored securely or that cloud-based services may not be used in order to attack their network or digital infrastructure. Professional service providers can help to fill in any gaps that may be present within a business’s security strategy. Preventing a breach can often be done for much less time, energy and overall expense than would be required to deal with the consequences of a cyberattack after the fact.

Scalable Security Solutions

Cloud-security solutions share many of the same advantages as other cloud-based services. Paying for digital security features and service options they may have no need for can become a real issue, especially for businesses that may have limited finances. Scalable security solutions help to ensure that businesses are able to utilize the features, options and solutions needed to better protect themselves while placing less overall strain on the budget and bottom line. Investing in security solutions that can be had for less overall cost or scaling up services in order to keep up with future growth, expansion and demand could be easier than ever thanks to the cloud.

Finding the Right Resources

From data encryption and secure storage services to vulnerability and penetration testing services, businesses may be able to draw upon a wide range of resources in order to protect themselves. Failing to identify and address any security vulnerabilities within the cloud could be nothing short of disastrous. Businesses that have already invested in the services and resources needed to beef up their local, on-site and network security could still be vulnerable to an attack should they fail to make cloud-security a priority.

Cloud Security and Emerging Threats

Security strategies need to be updated and amended in order to keep pace with digital security threats continue to grow and evolve. There are many issues to consider when deciding whether to outsource network and data security or how best to ensure cloud-services and applications remain safe and secure and businesses would be wise to adopt a long-term outlook with regards to their efforts and strategy. Resources that are more than sufficient to protect a business today can quickly become little more than an outdated liability in the days to come. Companies and organizations need to take stock of their situation, needs and the security resources and solutions that can be found periodically in order to ensure that their security strategy is able to deliver consistent results in the face of any emerging threats.


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