Why You Should Have a Phone Repaired Instead of Buying Another


State-of-the-art phones come with all manner of different features and functions. If nothing else, smartphones truly do show that programming capabilities appear seemingly endless. At times, the extensive variety of software apps overshadows the brilliant operational hardware in the smartphone. The quality manufacturing employed to create smartphones may even create the impressions the phones are indestructible. Of course, they aren’t. Smartphones, like all devices, can be damaged in any number of ways. Once a smartphone is damaged, the search usually begins to buy a new one.

Does a new model need to be purchased, though? In many cases, a simple repair could suffice. Repair may even be the best option for the following reasons:

The Phone May Not Really Be Broken

A phone might appear broken, but the problem could actually be non-existent. For example, the phone may not function as it normally would. A faltering phone might not be suffering from major damage. Curing a problem may require simply taking the battery out and putting it back in.

Basic troubleshooting could reveal that no serious trouble exists. Take the phone to a brick-and-mortar store run by the phone service provider for troubleshooting. A pleasant surprise may be the result. A simple fix might be all that is required to get the phone working again.

The Repair May Be Minor and Inexpensive

A cracked casing or screen can be frustrating to deal with. Neither problem warrants throwing the phone out. A quick fix at a repair shop could restore the phone back to its original condition. Certain malfunctions, however, might lead the smartphone’s owner to panic. Allow a skilled repair professional to make an assessment about how dire the problem with the phone is.

If the issue turns out to be a neglible one, the cost of repairs probably won’t be too much. A non-labor intensive job and simple job won’t come with massive fees. No reason exists to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone when spending a small amount restores the old one to perfect working condition.

The Phone’s Warranty Offers a Solution

Phones come with warranties as a combination of consumer and brand protection. Customers capable of getting a damaged phone fixed for free likely won’t be too angry at the manufacturing for presenting them with a defective model. As long as the damage falls under the category of things covered under the warranty, the repair won’t come with a cost.

While warranties do not last forever, they can be extended. The manufacturer may extend the warranty or a third-party could provide an extension. Regardless, a smartphone owner should think about paying a little extra to extend the length of the warranty if the device was an expensive one.

Paying for a New Phone Doesn’t Make Fiscal Sense

Not everyone has scores of apps on a phone. The need for many apps simply doesn’t exist. The use of the phone remains pretty bare bones. Only a few simple functions such as sending messages and making and receiving calls comprise the bulk of its use. If this is the case, it may be wise to simply repair a phone. No reason exists to go through the unnecessary expense of buying a new one and then fail to use it often.

Know When the Phone has Expired

While there are many prudent reasons to repair a phone as opposed to buying a new one, times exist when doing the opposite would be wiser. A phone might reach the point in which repairing would only delay the inevitable day of final failure. In such instances, buying a new phone makes the most sense.


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