3 Water Sports to Participate in After a Visit to Kona Hawaii


It is fairly easy to see why most of the people who visit Hawaii take the opportunity to try out a few water sports. The water is always warm and clean enough for the sports, and the views both above and below the water make the perfect backdrop for the sports. Many of the visitors fall in love with one of the sports that they try, and it becomes a passion that they take home when they leave the islands. There are a few sports that stand out because they are delightful both in and outside of Hawaiian waters, and nobody should take a trip to Kona without trying all of them.

1. Surfing

Surfing is one of Hawaii’s most iconic sports. That’s only to be expected, since it has been part of Hawaiian culture for centuries. There was even a time when the act had some religious significance, although in the modern era it is purely a form of art and recreation.

Kahalu’u Bay Surf and Sea said, “The best way to get started with surfing during a trip to Kona is to take a lesson.” Many travel agencies will include this as an option in a vacation package, but there are also plenty of independent teachers. The class will give you a chance to learn if you want to invest in surfing gear of your own, and teach you everything that you need to know to surf on your own. If you have a good time, be sure to practice a little more while you’re still in Hawaii.

You can keep surfing in a variety of locations all over the United States after you get home. Almost every state with a coastline has some decent surfing spots, so surfing is a great choice for anyone who lives within a few hours of a beach.

2. Canoeing

Canoeing is the water sport of choice for people who don’t want to get too wet. There’s certainly a chance of getting splashed during a trip, or getting soaked during an accident, but the odds of that are low. It’s also a way to see the sights without too much physical exertion, so canoeing is also a good choice for people who want a relaxing sport. There are plenty of different types of canoes and kayaks to choose from, but the outrigger has such strong ties to Hawaiian culture that every visitor should give it a try before they test out the others.

Classes and group activities can help novice paddlers learn to handle a canoe, but their real benefit comes from the presence of a guide. A local teacher will know all of the best places to take a canoe, so hiring one guarantees that you’ll get to see interesting sights while you learn how to use the boat.

Unlike surfing, canoeing does not require a large body of water. Even a relatively small river can support a canoe, so people who live inland can still practice paddling once they get home from Kona. Since most people have access to plenty of paddling sites within driving distance from their home, canoeing is the most popular choice for people who want to stick to their water sport after the trip.

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a sport for explorers. The ocean’s waves conceal an entire world of organisms that are nothing like those on land, and only divers get the chance to see them in person. Hawaii is so isolated from the rest of the United States that is has organisms which are entirely unlike those that are found in the rest of the country, which makes scuba diving one of Hawaii’s most popular sports.

Proper training is vital for new divers. Scuba diving is much more dangerous than other water sports, so nobody should attempt it without a teacher. Fortunately, those teachers are easy to find in Hawaii, and they can also provide fascinating insight into the sights that divers see underwater.

People with an interest in diving have no better place to learn than Hawaii, even if they want to keep diving when they get home. The sheer number of divers in the islands means that it’s easier to find a teacher there than anywhere else in the world, which leads some people to visit purely to learn how to dive. After you have learned and practiced, you take your diving suit and explore almost anywhere along the coast.


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