7 Tips for the Perfect Honeymoon in Thailand


The nation of Thailand lies in the heart of southeast Asia. This vibrant country is home to millions of people. Not only is it a wonderful place to visit, it’s also a fabulous place for a special visit. For those who are considering having their honeymoon here, it helps to get a few things in place before they start. A well-planned honeymoon in Thailand makes the perfect start to their marriage. Make sure you book early, carefully think about your choices in destination and map out an itinerary before you go. You’ll have a truly memorable honeymoon you’ll remember again and again with great love.

1- Book Early

One of the most important things to remember when planning your Thailand honeymoon is that Thailand is a very popular travel destination. Each year, visits from around the world choose to make Thailand their vacation. If you are thinking about becoming one of them, you’ll want to make plans well in advance. Some resorts and other popular areas may fill up very quickly. Once you’ve decided on the wedding date, now is the time to pick out where you want to be in Thailand. Making arrangements at least two months in advance is the best way to make sure you have your choice of lodgings and location.

2- Narrow Down Your Choices

It’s also a good idea to narrow down your choices. Thailand is a large country. It has seventy-six provinces and over sixty million people. There’s plenty to do here including wonderful beaches as well as nightlife in the some of the largest cities in the region. This makes it easy for you to find lots of potential places to stay and then a great deal to see and do once you’ve arrived. It’s best to stick to a few home bases. Then, you can take lots of day trips to the countryside to experience authentic Thai culture.

3- Getting There

Another important consideration when you’re planning a honeymoon here is how you’re going to arrive and get around once you’ve done so. Many airlines offer direct flights to capital city of Bangkok. If you are traveling from the mainland United States or Europe, keep in mind it may take most of a single day to arrive. Once here, you’ll find a great many options for getting around. You can rent a car, take public transport and just walk if you’re staying in a small village. Many resorts will provide you with transport to and from the airport as well as major popular local stops.

4- The Ideal Meal

Thailand is home to some of the most renowned cuisine in all of Asia and the entire world. Take advantage of it when you’re here. Now is the time to order a special meal. You’ll find everything from marvelous street food to some of the most admired restaurants anywhere. Treat yourself to a series of nice meals that take full advantage of local spices and sauces.

5- Guest Accommodations

Many Thai resorts offer special prices for honeymooners. You’ll frequently find lots of packages that combine accommodations, transport and meals for a single price. Think about the kind of resort you want if this is the route you choose. You might want to be adjacent to the beach, or you and your partner may wish for a secluded mountain resort. Many choices await the newly married.

6- Other Activities

One of the best things about having a honeymoon in Thailand is that the country is home to so many varied activities. You can pick from activities ranging from water skiing in some of the most pristine waters anywhere to touring the region’s many temples and admiring the area culture. Draw up a list and see what appeals to you and your partner before you leave.

7- Enough Time

Traveling to Thailand is the chance of a lifetime. You should definitely allow at least a week for the trip if not more time. This way, you have the chance to get to know the entire country and see everything you’ve always wanted to see. You and your partner can learn to appreciate the region’s magnificent opportunities.


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