4 Advantages of Solar Panels


Solar panels are becoming abundant in present day life. Chances are, upon driving around your local neighborhood, you’ve spotted a home outfitted with panels on their roof or standing in their lawn. Solar panels have never been cheaper than they are right now, and there are tons of benefits and advantages to running your home on solar.

Below I’ve listed four great reasons a person may want to install solar panels in their home.

Stay Ahead of the Curb

One day, solar power may be the norm. After all, the entire world is moving to renewable energy, and there is no greater renewable energy than our Sun. No one likes to be the last person to be privy to something, and solar power is growing in popularity at an incredible rate.

California recently worked to pass a bill that will require all new homes to be built with solar panels.

The bill isn’t asking for new homes to be ran on complete solar electricity, but it would lower a home’s energy consumption by about 50%. It also doesn’t require new homeowners to install solar panels in a newly purchased home; it simply requires newly built homes to be installed with solar panels. The bill doesn’t go into affect until 2020, and although it will raise the cost of housing in the area, the new law will save incredible amounts on a homeowner’s monthly expenses.

As with most things, when California passes a bill, it doesn’t take long for other liberal leaning states to follow in their footsteps. It’s only a matter of time until more states pass solar panel requirements for new homes.

Protecting The Environment

Yes, the Sun is harmful to our skin. It can even cause forest fires and wipe out entire ecosystems, like what happened on the West Coast in 2017. But, whether we use the Sun for our energy or not, it is still going to continue shining. We may as well make use of it.

Just because the Sun can cause natural disasters, like forest fires, it doesn’t mean we, as humans, have to harm the environment too.

Most modern day electrical plants use coal or oil to produce the electricity that is sent into homes all over the country. These natural resources are burnt, their smoke hovering into the sky and becoming trapped in the atmosphere. A person who utilizes solar panels is using less electricity from these companies, meaning they are reducing their carbon footprint.

Installing solar panels doesn’t merely save you money on your electrical bill, it leaves the world in a better condition for your descendants.

We have been destroying our planet long enough with harmful pollution. If you are environmentally conscience, you can find pride in outfitting your homes with solar energy.

It Just Makes Sense

A fact that a lot of people don’t know is that electricity changes prices constantly. It is much more expensive to use electricity during business hours than it is after 5 PM. Conveniently, these hours are when solar panels will be the most effective. During these hours, the Sun is at its highest point in the sky, and it shines down directly onto your solar panels, creating the maximum amount of electricity possible during these hours.

Your home doesn’t need to be entirely dependent on solar energy in order to save you money. Use panels for electricity during peak hours and rely on the electric company after dark, and it can save a fortune. This is the most logical way to make use of solar panels without spending a fortune to run your entire home.

There are No Restrictions

Wind power and hydro power are limited to the environment; the Sun shines down on every bit of the Earth, although some parts less than other. If you purchase solar panels, you should feel secure knowing the fact that if you move the solar panels can come with you and remain just as useful.

Solar panels are actually very easy to move. For the most part, simply disconnect the wiring and unscrew a few screws and the panels are ready to move. They are a versatile way to supply electricity wherever you need it. They can even be moved between your home and to your RV for camping trips and vacations.


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