4 Places that Should Use a Parking Counting System


Counting systems make it possible to better monitor parking-lot traffic flow, track and record the habits of visitors and ensure that all customers and associates are able to enjoy a safer environment. Finding and eliminating any hazards within the workplace is an important responsibility. Access to the right equipment, resources and solutions can go a long way towards ensuring businesses and property owners are able to more easily maintain a safe and orderly parking lot. Counting systems can be useful for minimizing the risk of a parking lot accident, mishap or injury, but they can also provide valuable insight that may be used in order to better plan an expansion, upgrade or renovation.

1. Lots With High Levels of Traffic

Trying to manage a high-flow parking lot can be a significant challenge. Counting systems can be used to automate the process of tracking and logging each vehicle. Tasking an attendant to monitor traffic, direct vehicles or to log the time spent on the property is not always the best option. Automated systems can provide superior accuracy and efficiency, minimizing the risk of a mistake or oversight. Businesses and property managers who find themselves struggling to manage lot traffic and to keep everything organized may find that the latest equipment options, counting and tracking systems or other resources can be a major asset.

2. Shared Commercial Environments

Shopping centers, malls and business campuses that share a single community lot may also benefit from a counting system. Making it easier to track and record visitors, monitor parking trends or determine peak visitor hours can be all but impossible for those who are forced to share parking space with a neighboring business. Lot counters make it much easier to determine the destination or to analyze the habits and needs of all customers, visitors and associates. The relatively minor cost of equipment purchase and installation can provide businesses and property owners with a powerful tool, one that may allow them to more easily create and maintain a safe and well-organized parking lot.

3. Properties With Safety Concerns

Having an accident on-site is never a matter that should be taken lightly. Even a minor injury or a parking mishap can indicate the need to update policy or to seek out any additional resources that may be required in order to identify and address potential hazards and safety risks. Incidents that result in damage to vehicles or the surrounding property often indicate the need to reassess parking-lot safety. Utilizing a parking counting system or other resources that make it easier to monitor and regulate the parking lot can often be done for a fraction of the costs that may be needed to deal with an accident or injury after the fact.

4. Businesses Planning an Expansion or Upgrade

Expanding in order to keep up with growing demand or a larger customer base can often be a major undertaking, one that requires careful planning in order to ensure success. Parking counting systems can provide business owners with more accurate and in-dept information regarding visitor traffic. Greater insight regarding the volume and habits of their customers and visitors ensures that future expansion efforts can be met with greater success. Failure to accurately estimate or predict the size of a new parking lot, as well as the other features and requirements that a physical location must be able to provide could lead to no end of problems. Tracking and recording parking lot traffic can provide businesses with the insight needed to handle a site renovation, upgrade or the purchase of new properties in order to facilitate their future growth with greater ease.

Finding the Latest Equipment Options, Resources and Solutions

Digital technology has created a number of new tools and resources that could be useful for managing a parking lot. Relying on an outdated system to log visitors, direct vehicles or to track visitor traffic could be a far less effective solution than many owners might realize. Learning a little more about the latest advances in parking-lot technology can often be worthwhile. Parking counting systems that utilize a wider range of features and those that make use of the latest technologies and innovation could prove to be a resource that businesses cannot afford to overlook.


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