5 Business Opportunities That Use Laser Engraving


Every business needs to expand if it is going to thrive, and laser engraving offers a surprisingly large number of ways to expand. That makes it an incredibly valuable tool, since a smart manager can use it to adapt to changes in the market without having to invest in any new machinery. While the details of those methods will vary depending on market conditions, there are a few broad categories of things that will almost always allow a laser engraver to be useful to a modern business.


Lasers provide plenty of opportunities to cheaply market a business. They are a great way to produce cheap swag with the business’ name on it for conventions, but they are even more useful as outdoor advertising tools.

An engraver is a quick and easy way to make large signs with a company’s logo, phone number, and other important information on them. They work on reasonably durable materials, but they also work quickly and cheaply, so you can create disposable signs without paying a huge price. That will allow your business to stretch its marketing budget and either expand its efforts or dedicate some of that money to expanding the business in other areas. Both options can be useful in different circumstances, and it is trivial to switch between the strategies as the needs of the company change.

Contract Work

Laser engraving is helpful for a huge variety of businesses, but relatively few of them will ever invest in a laser engraver of their own. That means that the businesses that do make that investment have plenty of opportunities to do contract work for those that do not. Some companies sustain themselves entirely on that type of work, but many more simply use it as an additional source of revenue while focusing on other projects and using their engraver for their own purposes. The amount of money that this sort of work will bring in varies massively depending on the location of the business, but a little bit of marketing work will usually ensure that it is sufficient to have a major impact on the bottom line.

Topical Products

Free publicity is a wonderful thing, and you can often get it by producing new items that are tied into recent events that made it on the evening news. A laser engraver can convert simple, generic items into trendy and topical pieces by putting appropriate images on them. This works best with disposable items that people use regularly, or for small items that are likely to get lost during use. People buy those things regularly, and that gives them plenty of opportunities to switch over to one that fits in with the latest trends.

Using this technique is tricky, because it relies on doing plenty of marketing research and being able to produce new designs quickly so that they can be deployed while they are still topical. If your business is capable of doing that, it will also be one of the most potent techniques that you can use.

Custom Storage

Every business owner wants to cut down on overhead, and one of the best ways to do that is to make your employees more efficient. You can do so by using a laser engraver to customize your storage units and even the shelves and displays inside a store. The improved labeling will make it quicker and easier for workers to find the items that they are looking for and move them onto shelves. If you use attractive designs for the displays, they can also help to draw in customers and make your store look more appealing.

Quick Customization

People love customized items, and even something as simple as putting a person’s name on something can make it more appealing. If you have a laser engraver, you can quickly turn generic items into customized pieces by putting names and simple designs on them. The engravers work fairly quickly, so you can even use it as a marketing novelty by allowing people to observe the process. This method will only lead to a small increase in profits, but it is cheap and easy to add on to an existing retail business, so there is little reason not to do it.


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