9 Problems With Not Hiring a Pet Sitting Service


Pet sitting services are incredibly popular because of the fact that they allow you to keep your pets safe in trusted hands. If you’re considering not hiring a service and either going on vacation or going to work a full-time job, this can mean disaster for your beloved pooch or kitty. This is why it’s imperative for you to consider hiring a pet sitter and getting help from them.

1. You Can’t Go Where You Need

If you don’t have a pet sitter, you’re not going to be able to make a trip to where you need to go. This might be a vacation that you’d like to go on with the family or simply to work when your pet needs to be cared for and walked throughout the day while you’re gone. This can have a major impact on your life because you’ll start to feel home-bound.

2. You Can’t Trust Leaving the Pet Behind

Let’s face it, you can’t necessarily trust leaving your pet behind, especially if you’re going to be gone for days. You are not going to know if they need extra food or water, or if they need to go out. You also can’t be sure what they’re doing, and you might come home to a totally destroyed home that then needs to be repaired and cleaned.

3. Your Pet Can Have Separation Anxiety

Lots of pets have separation anxiety because of the fact that they want to be close to their owners or humans in general. If they feel alone, they might assume that they’ve been abandoned and it is nice to have a sitter there because they will feel like they are still being cared for each and every day when you are away.

4. Other Methods Aren’t Trusted

Sure, you can hire your neighbor to check up on your pets while you’re on vacation or away at work, but you never know if they forget or simply forgot to lock the door behind them and let the pet out. This is why hiring a trusted service that specializes in pet sitting is what you need to be doing and why you might want to consider this type of company.

5. Kennel Services are Expensive

If you choose to put your pet into a kennel, you’re going to be spending money day in and day out for them to stay there. This can get incredibly expensive very quickly, and you’ll find that sometimes it’s not worth leaving just to put your pet into a kennel.

6. You’ll Have to Bring the Pet with You

Your other alternative is to bring the pet with you while you’re on vacation. This isn’t always easy and many hotels do not allow pets to stay there. You might also find that it is expensive to bring the pet with you on vacation, as many hotels that do allow pets charge more for them to stay there with you.

7. Your Pet Won’t Receive the Time and Attention it Needs

Pets need a lot of time and attention, and leaving them alone is going to cause them to feel separation anxiety and deal with the issues that come with not getting enough attention. This can lead to bad habits down the road, like using the bathroom around the house or ripping up furniture and other items.

8. You Can’t Leave the Pet in a Crate All Day

You cannot leave your pet in a crate all day to ensure that they’re under control. By hiring a pet sitter, they are going to be the ones to come and make sure that your home is cared for and that the pet is behaving itself while you’re away.

9. Your Pet Can Get Loose

You never know what can happen while you’re away. For all you know, your pet found a way out and is now loose roaming the streets. When you hire a sitter, they make sure that the pet stays inside when it needs to be and will alert you if it gets out.

Hiring a pet sitter is a great option if you’re the owner of a dog or cat. These sitters are ideal for all types of situations and can keep a close eye on your beloved animals. Be sure to consider them as an option if you’re going on holiday or will be away for long periods of time.

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