5 Low-Cost Ways to Find Your Next Apartment


Apartment living is ideal in many circumstances. An apartment is a good choice for people who like having enough space for their needs. It’s also ideal for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time mowing lawns and caring for the exterior of their home. An apartment is also perfect for people who want the freedom to move without worrying about selling their home. Unlike other forms of housing, moving to an apartment merely requires the ability to put a month’s rent in escrow, pass a credit check and pay the rent each month. There’s no need to pay a huge down payment or worry about issues that apply when looking for a mortgage. Those who are in search of an apartment on a budget can also find many ways to reduce all costs associated with the search and have an apartment that fits their every need.

Locate Roommates

A roommate can help offset the cost of your next apartment. Now is the time to reach out to the people you know and see if they’re in the same boat. If you’re about to gradate from college, you might plenty of people about to leave campus housing. They’re all going to be searching for a new place to live. Your dorm mate can be the ideal person to move in with when you’ve completed a degree. You know each other well. You can live together and split the cost of rent.

New Properties

New properties are always on the horizon. If you see new construction, don’t rule it out. Many construction company managers are eager to attract new tenants. They might have over estimated the need for housing in the area. Vacant units cost money to maintain. Speak with the company managers. You’ll often find they’re willing to forego a month’s rent. You might find other perks onsite that will save you money in the long run. A designated parking space means you don’t have to search for parking or pay for it. The same is true of onsite gyms that mean you don’t have to buy a gym membership.

The Middle Floors

Upper floors and ground floor apartments often go for a lot more money. People are willing to pay extra for a penthouse apartment. They’re also wiling to pay for a ground floor apartment that might include easy access to a garden and other outdoor spaces. The middle floors, in contrast, might be a lot easier to afford. You’ll still get the location you want in the apartment complex you like best. A middle floor rent might be as much as twenty percent lower.

Social Media

Social media contacts are more important than ever before. You can use them to find a lot about any given location. For example, you might learn which apartment buildings are considered more desirable in your given community. You can also use your social media connections to help you locate your next apartment.

Speak up in your local media group. Ask if someone is offering an apartment or even a single room for rent. Contacting people directly this way has many advantages. The owners of the home doesn’t need to pay a real estate commission. They don’t need to pay for the cost of marketing the apartment to potential renters. In many cases, they’re happy to pass these reduced costs to a tenant in the form of lower rent. They also might know someone who is planning to rent out an apartment before they’ve done so. You can take advantage of this process and avoid the need to pay an agent to find a rental property for you.

Firmly Negotiate

If you’re up to it, consider properties that are not in top shape. If you’re handy, you can agree to do some basic improvements in turn for a reduction on the rent. Even if you’re not, it’s always a good idea to contact the rental company and see if they are amenable to reducing the rent. In many case, they’ll be happy work with you. You might get a discount for paying in cash or agreeing to paint the interior spaces.


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