5 Reasons Why Vehicle Wraps Are The Most Innovative Advertisement


The first impression that your potential customer has of your business is often said to be the most important; Therefore, creating an effective marketing campaign is paramount. Most business owners will first begin to think about the various mediums in which they launch their first campaign; these would typically include an ad on the radio, newspaper, and television. The fact is that although these mediums do have their share of advantages, they are often very expensive, over competitive and can be a hit or miss situation for your company. However, there is still hope in crafting the perfect marketing campaign without breaking the bank or sacrificing the number of people exposed to your service. Car wrapping is quickly becoming the go-to marketing campaign for new business owners as it serves a number of advantages that other mediums simply can’t match — not convinced yet? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled the top five reasons why car wrapping is the way to go.

#5 Car Wrapping Is Less Aggressive than traditional mediums.

We, as consumers, are often bombarded by unwanted advertisements. They will pop up when we open our social media accounts, appear when we turn on our favorite streaming service, and even flash brightly through bright LED billboards. The fact is that all these mediums often turn off consumers because they’re simply too aggressive and let’s be honest, annoying. Wrapping your vehicle in your business’s logo can be seen as one of the least aggressive forms of marketing – why? Because consumers are not forced to see it, are not blinded by it, which means they aren’t instantly put off. Car Wrapping allows the consumer to see your business as long or little as they want without being a distraction.

#4 Cost Affective

Unlike traditional mediums such as television and billboards, which either demand a hefty upfront or accruing a cost to advertise your business, a vehicle wrap comes with a low one time cost to your business. Wraps also provide the convenience of being able to change your advertisement as often as you like with ease. In fact, this is often a more effective strategy as you can advertise your weekly specials with very little cost to the business.

#3 Mobile Advantage

Most people tend to believe that television advertising is the way to go because it reaches a broad audience, right? Statistics show that people are quickly cutting ties to their cable providers due to the rise of streaming services that have little to no advertisements. This means television marketing will quickly fade out; therefore, local business owners now have the challenge of reaching out to their community in a more direct way. This is where vehicle wraps come into play. Having a vehicle wrap, especially if you multiple company vehicles can help spread your business name more effectively. The advantage of mobile marketing is incredible when business owners understand the benefits of being able to simply drive their car or truck to a popular event and essentially capture a broad audience who may not ever turn on their tv to watch cable.

#2 Vehicle Protection

One of the less spoken advantages of having a vehicle wrap is the protection that it provides your company car/trucks. Wraps offer protection from road debris, constant exposure to the hot sun, and other road hazards. In fact, many business owners state that their wraps pay overtime as they minimize the re-application of car paint. In addition to this, vehicle wraps don’t leave any lasting marks on your car/trucks and can be easily discarded or changed.

#1 Professionalism

As stated at the start of this article, consumers will often decide to do or not to do business with you depending on their first impression of your business. Vehicle wraps are often the first contact that a consumer will have with your business. Therefore, seeing a fully wrapped vehicle with your business’s logo, phone number, and other information can relay to the consumer that your company is legitimate and truly passionate about what you do.


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