7 Benefits of Eating More Fruits


Today’s consumers are lucky. Unlike years past, they have access to many different kinds of food. They’re no longer confined to eating a handful of foods. One type of food that many people have embraced are fruit. Fresh fruit is available all year long. Eating the many types of fruit on the market today offers many kinds of benefits that helps people live longer and healthier lives.

Better Snacking

Snacks make an ideal break during the day. People can take time out from their busy lives to have something that helps them avoid bigger meals. Fruit makes a great snack. Common snack foods like potato chips and pretzels are high in calories and often low in nutrition. Fruit, on the other hand, is a much better choice for a snack as it doesn’t have a lot of unwanted fat.


Micronutrients are specifics vitamins and minerals that people need in order to stay healthy. This includes things such as zinc and folate that help keep the body in good shape. Eating fruit makes it easy to get the right amount of micronutrients each day.

Decreased Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the biggest threats to human health. Millions of people die each year from heart related problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Eating enough fruit cuts this risk by a considerable amount. Those who eat enough fruit and vegetables can actually reduce their risk of heart attacks and heart disease by nearly forty percent according to studies. It’s best to eat at least several servings of fruit a day for maximum benefit.

Convenient Storage

Unlike some other choices, fruit is also easy to transport. Many types of fruit have a natural covering that protects it from harm and the elements. People can slip an orange in their bag and find it in great shape when they take it out a few hours later. There’s no need to provide an additional container or worrying about it spoiling. Large amounts of fruit can also be carried on hand no matter where the person is with ease. A big bunch of grapes or a large watermelon fits into the back of a trunk. Fruit can be pulled out when traveling. Peels can be recycled. This also makes it a green snacking choice.

Satisfy Sweet Tooth

Sugary drinks and snacks contribute to conditions like obesity. However, the sugar found in fruit is entirely natural. Snackers can grab a slice of sweet cantaloupe and be assured of having something that is sweet but is also nutritious. Many fruit like cherries are equally sweet but will increase a person’s risk of diabetes or other chronic and dangerous medical conditions. Eating sweet fruit can also help ward off cravings for other items that are equally sweet but more dangerous such as chocolate and colas.

Low in Calories

Unlike other kinds of sweet snacks, fruit is typically low in calories. A handful of red grapes contain far fewer calories than a slice of cake or a sweet cup of frosting. Fruit is also much lower in calories than many others kinds of commonly eaten foods. This helps people stick to healthy diet. It also helps them avoid snacking on things that are much higher in calories and offer less nutrition. Fruit is also high in fiber. This means that people who eat fruit are able to stave off cravings easier and keep hunger pangs at bay for a longer period of time. This can help people keep their diet on track both in the short term and as they try to maintain in over a longer period of time.

Varied Diet

Fruit also comes in many different types. This makes it easy for people to find the kind they personally like best. One person may prefer citrus fruits while another likes to eat fruits from a different category. People can find all sorts of highly diverse items to pick from any time they go to the market to look for something to eat. They’ll always find something they really like and want to keep around in the house or office.


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