7 Questions to Ask When Selling Your House for Cash


Selling a home is one of life’s most complicated decisions. People sell their homes for many varied reasons. Some people sell because they need to move or they can’t afford the mortgage anymore. Other homeowners may find the home is simply too big for their present needs or they want to buy a larger home because they have a new baby. If you are selling a home and someone offers you cash for it, there are things to think about when you get on offer of this kind.

Does the Buyer Have the Funds?

The first thing you want to make sure is that the buyer has enough money to purchase your property. It’s best to get verification of any funds as soon as possible. You don’t want the house sitting on the market as you wait for an indication the buyers can actually afford to pay you for it.

How Fast Do I Need to Be Out?

One of your most important considerations is the time frame involved. You may want to be out of the home as soon as possible. You may also want enough time to search for a home of your own. It’s a good idea to find out precisely when the buyers expect you to vacate the property. In many cases, you can often negotiate this with your buyers in your favor.

Will I have to Pay Any Closing Costs?

Closing costs take many forms. If you are selling your home, you might have to pay the real estate agent’s commission and any money for transfer fees. You might also have to pay other costs such as the closing costs on a mortgage for your new home. If you are going to sell your home for cash, you might be able to avoid these costs and save money. Selling a home for cash can help you avoid paying for unnecessary expenses.

Do I Need to Make Any Improvements?

Sometimes a home may be sold as is. In that case, the potential buyer will not ask you to make any changes to it. In other instances, you might be asked to make a few home improvements in return for an all cash offer. Find out if the buyers want certain changes made. You might be able to add a few things at low cost and ask for more money from the buyers.

What if There are Other Parties Involved?

If you own the house with someone else, you’ll need to decide how to divide the funds. You might have inherited it from a relative or might own a two family with others as a form of investment. You can think about how best to divide any profit. Someone who is offering all cash may be able to help you do things such as figure out how best to compensate others involved in owning and selling the home fairly.

Should I Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate lawyer is a professional devoted to transactions involving real property. Even if you are going to accept an all cash offer, you’ll still need to work with contracts that transfer the property. If the transaction is a very simple on and you own the property outright, you might be able to avoid this expense. However, in other instances, selling your home for cash is best done with the assistance of a specialist in this field who knows precisely how to manage this kind of transaction. They can advice you about specific legal issues that may pertain to your personal circumstances.

Is the Purchaser Buying the House to Live in or to Flip?

Home Flippers are people who buy homes and then fix them up for other buyers. A home flipper may have different goals than a cash buyer who wants to keep the property for themselves and live there. The home flipper is typically concerned with little more than getting a profit and moving on. They may care less about other factors such as your personal need to move within a time frame or the color of the house. Flippers can often be more flexible than someone who is buying the house for their own personal primary residence.


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