7 Tips for Making Your Long Distance Move Easier


Moving is never easy, but if you’ve never moved across a long distance, there’s even more in store that you’re not expecting. These seven tips will make your long distance move a bit easier.

1. Get the most out of the truck.

It’s expensive to move across several states, and one of the ways to keep costs low is to use just one moving truck. This means you’ll want to maximize the space in the truck. You can do this by filling your dresser drawers with items so that they don’t require extra boxes. Also, put soft items in garbage bags, which will make them easier to stack or squeeze in tight spaces.

2. Get free boxes from the moving company.

If you’re using a professional company to help you with the move, find out if they have gently used boxes that you can have. While you’ll probably have to pay for new boxes, many moving companies will let you take used boxes for free. You may also want to check online, like on Craigslist, for used moving boxes, which a lot of people give away for free.

3. Paint your new home before moving in.

If you’re able to take a trip out to your new home before moving day, it’s a good idea to paint it when the house is empty and before you move all your stuff in. Not only is it easier to paint when the house is free of décor and furnishings, but you won’t have to live with the fumes during your first few days in the house. This is also a good chance to give the floors a thorough cleaning before they get cluttered with moving boxes and furniture.

4. Do your research about utilities.

Instead of signing up for the first electric and cable company you come across, do your research. If there are several choices to consider, look at reviews to see what types of experiences other customers had. You can do this in the weeks before you move. When you find the services you want to go with, call to get everything setup, and let them know that you won’t need services to begin until your move-in date.

5. Decide if moving your car is a good idea.

When you make a long distance move, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to your car. If your car’s not in great condition, you may not want to risk driving it that long a distance; but it can be very expensive to have it shipped, too. If you’re moving to an urban area where you won’t be driving that much, you may not want to bring it with you at all. Or, if it’s simply time for an upgrade, consider getting rid of your car now, flying or renting a car to get to your new destination, and buying a car once you’re there.


6. Research tax deductible portions of your move.

If you have to relocate for a job, part of your move may be tax deductible. Or, you could be reimbursed for some expenses, like transportation or nights you had to spend in a hotel. Speak with a specialist or a consultant to find out which parts of your move are tax deductible or can be reimbursed. Do this early on, too, so that you can keep the necessary paperwork as you go through the process.

7. Make a list of what you need to buy at your new place.

As you pack, you’re probably going to get rid of some items that are old or damaged. However, some of these things you may need to replace, like pots and pans or blankets. It’s not a good idea to replace them pre-move, though, because you’ll just have more to pack and transport. Keep a list nearby that you add to as the days go by. Once you’re settled in your new home for a day or two, you can make a trip to the store to replace the necessities.

Remember, not everything is going to go as planned. However, when you prep as much as possible beforehand, you’ll limit the number of mishaps you’ll have to deal with during your move.


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