8 Helpful Tips for Furnishing a New Office


It’s fair to say that your new office will be your home away from home. This is the place where you will work hard at pursuing your dreams and chasing new business opportunities. It’s also imperative to point out that your new office will play a big role in establishing your company’s brand. For example, the furnishings in your office can leave a good impression on your clients or business partners.

Many productive offices are comfortable and exude an exceptional professional image. In this article, we will take a close look at 8 tips that can help you furnish your new office. These simple tips will breathe new life into your personal working space.

1. Use Practical Lamps

Practical lamps will help maintain your work mood, productivity, and eyesight. It doesn’t take a genius to discover that poor lighting can strain your eyes. This is why you should go with a decorative table lamp that has a warm glow.

If you have limited office space, a wall-mounted lamp or floor lamp are ideal alternatives to the traditional desk lamp. A wall-mounted lamp or floor lamp will give you more desk space. Both also offer better lighting in a wider area.

2. Large Bulletin Board

You cannot have a productive office without a bulletin board. A bulletin board is the ideal place for your sticky notes. You may be tempted to get an average size bulletin board, but you should get a large one. A larger bulletin board will give you enough room for your sticky notes, photos, and inspirational images. Looking at the inspirational images on your large bulletin board can help you stay motivated during a difficult day.

3. Refreshments

Keeping refreshments at hand is one sure-fire way of maintaining your comfort level and productivity. If you enjoy drinking beverages while working, you should get a coffee maker or mini-fridge. There will be no need for you to walk down the hallway for a beverage when you grab one in your office.

4. Use Décor to Your Advantage

It will be counterproductive for you to work in a boring office. You need to use décor to your advantage. For example, a large vase filled with flowers is one easy way of adding comfort and beauty to your office.

Did you know that bright colors can help you stay energized at work? Studies show that bright colors can help hard-working people stay balanced and sharp. Lively hues will add a touch of class to your office, and they will also help you stay focused throughout the day.

5. Consider Using Float Shelves

Float shelves should not be underestimated or overlooked if your new office is small. Float shelves are designed to offer accessible storage that will keep your working space organized. They can help you avoid dealing with the agony of working in a cluttered work space.

You can use decorative elements on float shelves. This will make them more attractive. You can use art or books.

Color is another point that you must consider when it comes to choosing float shelves for your office. Make sure you choose light-colored shelves. They will give you the impression that you have more space.

6. Angles are Important

In many cases, you will find the office desk located several inches away from the cubicle wall. However, angling your desk can give you more room. Move your desk around until you find an angle that offers the most space.

7. Use Artwork

Adding artwork to your new office is one of the best ways of putting your signature on your office. You cannot go wrong if you go with prints that compliment your interests.

8. Use Stylish Glass Jars

Stylish glass jars continues to grow in popularity as time progresses. You can use stylish glass jars to store your paper clips, pens, and pencils. Stylish glass jars will help you stay organized. This is the main reason why they are used by top executives around the globe.

You will spend a great deal of time at your new office. This is why it’s vital for you to furnish it properly. Following the 8 tips listed above can help you do this with ease.


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