8 Vital Reasons to Enroll Your Dog in Dog Obedience School


A couple of years ago, obedience training was reserved for show dogs and problematic dogs. Today, dog owners are becoming more responsible. As a result, dog training courses are becoming a common phenomenon. However, you might still be wondering if your dog needs to attend obedience training. Dog training courses offer a variety of benefits for both you and your dog. It can even help save the life of your dog. Therefore, here are some of the vital reasons that should encourage you to enroll your dog in obedience school.

You will Eliminate Behavior Issues

If you often find your dog chewing on furniture, making indoor potty accidents or barking excessively, a dog obedience school is the solution for you. A dog obedience school will establish the pack order in your home. Therefore, it will teach your dog its position in the family. Additionally, training will resolve any problem issues that come from boredom, abandonment, and insecurity.

The Safety Skills of Your Dog will Improve

You might be saving the life of your dog by enrolling them in obedience classes. No matter how safe you think your dog is, your dog can be startled and run away, or its harness can break from constant strain. If your dog has gone through proper training, they will have the appropriate knowledge to respond to such incidences. Also, a trained dog will respond to your commands; thus, you can easily avoid situations that put your dog at risk.

Your Dog is Less Likely be Rehomed

Most of the dogs that are abandoned in shelters have behavior issues. Proper training can eliminate such behaviors and prevent owners from surrendering their pets. Therefore, enrolling your dog in an obedience school will ensure that you keep him around your family permanently.

Your Dog Will Learn Necessary Obedience Commands

Some dogs learn commands faster than others. If you are having problems with teaching your dog simple commands such as sit or stay, it does not mean that they are hopeless. Like human beings, dogs learn at different paces. Therefore, taking your dog to an obedience school will help you teach them the basic commands and skills that every dog should know.

Your Dog’s Social Skills will Improve

If you want to walk your dog in the park or if you like to invite people to your home, giving your dog socializing skills should be among your priorities. Social skills will train your dog to be around people and other dogs. An obedience school will provide your dog with such capabilities. You will also have the ability to distinguish unwanted behavior and learn the commands you can use to deter such harmful characteristics before they progress.

Your Dogs Level of Confidence will Increase

Some dogs can be less assertive. By enrolling them in training courses, you will be helping them to have self-confidence. This is because some classes are specifically focused on helping your dog overcome shyness. In these classes, you will also be taught to help your dog build trust and confidence. When a dog is confident, accidents such as bites that occur from fear will be avoided. Adding a little more confidence will help your dog go a long way especially if they are timid and nervous around people.

Your Dogs Communication Skills will Improve

Obedience school for your dog will enhance communication between you and your pet. Dogs have a vocabulary that differs depending on their breed. Their vocabulary ranges from three hundred to one thousand. Therefore, by enrolling your dog in obedience school, you will learn how to teach your dog to pick up on hand signals and verbal cues. Additionally, you will be able to read your dog’s body language. The key to a well-trained dog is usually communication.

The Bond with Your Dog will Strengthen

Your dog wants your love and your time. While feeding, walking and playing with your dog increases your bond, attending training courses together provides another special relationship between you and your dog. Training will help your dog see you as its leader. In turn, that knowledge will give both of you an added sense of confidence and security in the relationship you have.
There are many advantages to dog training. Therefore, ensure that you benefit from taking your dog to a dog obedience school.


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