7 Interesting Lunch Ideas That Don’t Include Sandwiches


Lunch is a glorious mealtime in which we all get to take a break from school or work in order to enjoy a bite and nourish our bodies. However, the lunchtime meal has become somewhat stale for some people as pre-packed chips or crackers and sandwiches have begun to dominate the space. Those are easy meals to prepare, but they are far from exciting. Instead of going with that tried and true lunch, why not try something that is a bit more interesting?


A popular dish at nearly any Mexican restaurant that you go to are Quesadillas. They are popular for a reason. They are shaped just right to make them easy to eat for one thing. On top of that you have the fact that just about any combination of meat or vegetables can be added to them to make them even tastier, and they almost always contain cheese!

Quesadillas are easy to pack in a lunch box and can make lunchtime feel a little more special compared to just having a sandwich.


Not everyone likes sushi its true, but it is gaining in popularity very rapidly. This was once thought of as a disgusting food that was only consumed in foreign lands, but now it seems that there is sushi available everywhere you look. That change in palate has made sushi a popular choice for lunches as well.

You can customize your sushi to contain within it whatever you think might taste good. With this food just make sure you use proper storage methods (aka keep it cold) in order for this to stay fresh.

Hummus And Pita

Are you getting hungry yet? If not, the idea of hummus and pita chips is sure to get you there. Hummus comes in many different varieties and can be eaten on many different types of foods. Pita chips are a common choice for hummus dipping, but other options include carrot sticks and tomatoes.

Sweet Potato Chips

This is not a full lunch idea but an important idea to consider regardless. Many of us throw some packaged potato chips in as a part of our lunch. Did you know that those same potato chips are very calorie dense and contain a huge amount of sodium? They can be fattening, and there are alternatives.

Sweet potatoes are far healthier for us than are white potatoes. If you chop up a sweet potato and bake it you can have sweet potato chips that contain much of that crunchy flavor that you crave while also providing you with some critical vitamins.

Grass Fed Hamburgers

Health food stores have grass fed hamburgers that you may purchase. These are said to be much tastier and healthier than the regular hamburgers that one can purchase from a superstore or a fast food restaurant. They come from cows that were literally fed grass rather than the cornmeal food that industrialized cows are fed. Many say that not only are these burgers tastier but that they also help consumers avoid some of the harmful chemicals that are contained within the corn that is fed to other cows.

Oven-Fried Chicken

Oven-fried chicken is an exciting lunch option that will taste pretty close to anything that you could have gotten out at a restaurant. You won’t be sacrificing much in terms of taste here, but you may have landed on a healthier and more exciting lunch option for yourself if you decide to go with this. Many say that they love to bring this as their lunch compared to a sandwich. It is simply more filling.

Salmon (Or Other Fish Options)

Salmon is a great food to have for lunch. It is packed with vitamins that help one to focus in better on their work. Not only that but it is a light meal that won’t leave your body feeling overworked trying to process all of those extra calories. If you know the feeling of hitting a lull in the early afternoon then you know that having a lighter lunch may help you to avoid this feeling altogether. Enjoy this option and any of the others the next time you go to pack a lunch.


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