9 Reasons to Gift Cigars as a Gift


Giving cigars as a gift is a wonderful way to connect with those around you and provide them with a present they will thoroughly enjoy. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding the perfect gift, a lot of people are at a loss as to what to give to that special someone in their life. In this case, gifting cigars can be a thoughtful and effortless gift that will be well-received by the individual.

Here are nine reasons to give cigars as a gift:

1. They are Easy to Buy

Cigars are incredibly easy to find and buy, both online and offline. You can go into virtually any smoke shop and find a large array of different cigars that all fit your needs. You get to pick and choose which ones you’d like to gift. Some shops even allow you to mix and match the cigars into a decorative box.

2. They’re Unique

When people think of receiving a gift, they might assume that they’ll be getting some type of food delivery or a gift set that has bath supplies and self-care products. Cigars are an unexpected gift that you don’t always see all the time. You will find that among all of the other items that the person receives, you are the only one giving them a box of fine cigars.

3. You Can Customize the Taste

Because you get to choose the specific cigar that they are receiving, you can customize the taste to their own needs and pick the one you think they will like the best. By going into a local cigar shop, they will be able to help you decide if you are having trouble picking out a flavor for your loved one.

4. They’re Ideal for Hard-to-Shop-For People

If you have someone on your list right now who is difficult to shop for, there’s nothing easier and more unique than getting them a box of cigars. It will be thoroughly enjoyed by the person, so long as they are a smoker or enjoy cigars, and it is probably something that they will not receive otherwise. It’s also something they would not necessarily buy themselves.

5. They Come in Gorgeous Gift Boxes

These cigars come in a range of beautifully designed gift boxes that stand out and make for an amazing present. In fact, these boxes are so beautiful, you may not even want to wrap it. Just tie it up with a bow and you are ready to give it to that special someone in your life.

6. You Can Buy them Online

Cigars are not mandated like cigarettes are and because of this, you are able to purchase many fine cigars from online retailers legally. It is important to do enough research to ensure you are purchasing the cigars from a reputable shop before you make the decision to place your order.

7. They’re Fun to Receive

Your loved one is going to have lots of fun receiving the cigars because of how delicious and high-quality they are. It’s a gift they probably have never received before and it is something that they wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy themselves because of the costs involved.

8. They’re Ideal for All Occasions

Giving cigars as a gift is a great choice for just about any occasion and event coming up. Whether it is someone’s birthday or it’s the holiday season, cigars make a wonderful gift and are never a bad item to receive.

9. They’re an Expensive-Looking Gift without the Expense

You might assume that buying cigars is going to be quite expensive, but you are totally wrong. By working with the right cigar dealer, you should be able to purchase a wide range of cigars that are finely made and not nearly as expensive as you might think. Plus, because of the range of cigars available, it is easy to pick and choose which one to give to your loved one depending on size and price. You will then have the cigars put into a gift box and can present it to your family member or friend.


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