5 Stylish Tips for Wearing a Pashmina Shawl


The addition of a pashmina shawl can turn basic black into something lovely and remarkably feminine. Whether the shawl is wrapped around both shoulders, draped across the body or covering the head, a quality pashmina shawl will brighten any outfit and offer the wearer plenty of warmth.

True Pashminas Vs. Large Scarves

Large scarves can be made of all types of fabric and may be oblong or square. A pashmina shawl is made of cashmere. The wool used in the weaving of a pashmina shawl is the product of a particular breed of Persian goat. Luckily, these fibers are extremely fine and create a lightweight, thin and easy to manipulate scarf that works well in any season.

Tips on Wearing Your Pashmina

In addition to the traditional shawl placement, when you just drape the pashmina around your shoulders to ward off the chill wherever you go, the pashmina can be knotted at different points. Functionally, it is a large piece of fabric. With just a couple of carefully placed knots, you can turn it into many different shapes.

1- Angel

The angel style of pashmina knotting will basically turn it into a sleeveless jacket. To do this, hold the pashmina in front of you so that you’re looking at an even square of fabric. There will be fabric left over at one end. Bring the fringed end of the pashmina to the squared corner (ignore the additional fabric) and knot the two pieces together at the square. Flip the fabric and do the same knot at the same distance on the other side.

The loops created by the knots become arm holes. Slip these on and allow the extra fabric to hang behind you. This is a particularly good choice for a pashmina with contrasting fringe, or if the weave is especially beautiful.

2- Shrug or Vest Placement

To use your pashmina as a vest, place it over your shoulders like a shawl, then tie the ends loosely behind you so they’ll hang down against your back. Be sure to leave plenty of play so your arms aren’t bound.

3- Belted

Pashminas serve as colorful additions to a plain black outfit and are lightweight enough that you can belt over them. By using the pashmina in this way, you can stay a bit warmer by raising up the fabric at your neck like you’re turning up a collar. Belting your pashmina onto your outfit is a great way to add a burst of color and customize basic black or grey.

4- Cape

Wrap your pashmina around your neck so that you have two long ends hanging below your navel. There will be two corners next to one another. Tie these two corners together as close to the end as possible (the fringe would be ideal.) Loop this tied portion over your head and arrange the rest of your fabric over your shoulders.

5- Sarong

Your pashmina doesn’t have to just be used on your upper body. Depending on the length of fabric, you can do a single or double-wrapped sarong. Simply knot the pashmina at your hip and allow the fringe to hang or do multiple knots to form a pattern. If you do a double wrap with your pashmina, you can create a short skirt. Again, either knot or tuck the pashmina as you like.

Health Benefits of the Pashmina

By having a pashmina available, you can protect yourself from sudden chills by looping your pashmina up around your neck or as a graceful head covering. Not everyone is comfortable in a hat, but a pashmina can help you reduce the amount of heat lost through your scalp.

The use of air conditioning now means that many women may dress for the great outdoors, but the great indoors can be pretty chilly! By having a pashmina within reach, you can be comfortable in any setting, and look wonderful too!


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