A First-Timer’s Guide to Getting a Mortgage


Many people will buy at least one property over the course of their lifetime. Some people can finance the entire cost of the property on their own. Many others, however, will need help from an outside source. For most, this means taking out a mortgage loan. A mortgage is an amount of a loan. The buyer agrees to pay back the loan over the course of many years. A mortgage allows people who might not otherwise be able to afford a home to buy it. All those who have never applied for a mortgage before should understand the process. Knowing what’s going to happen allows people to understand what they’re agreeing to as the process continues. It also helps people decide what is in their personal best interest.

A Mortgage

A mortgage is a way to fill in the gap between what a buyer can pay and their current finances. For example, a couple may want to purchase a $300,000 home. They have been saving and now have $50,000 they can use for the down payment. They will apply the $50,000 to the purchase price. Then, they’ll apply for a mortgage in the amount of $250,000. The home seller gets the full amount of home price both from the bank and the buyer. In turn, the buyer agrees to pay the bank the money they owe on the mortgage. Most buyers opt for monthly mortgage payments. These are payments that are paid directly to the bank over a period of time.

Length of the Mortgage

One of the most important decisions that all buyers will need to think about as they apply for a mortgage is the length of the mortgage they wish to take out. In general, mortgages are divided into two lengths. Some buyers may opt for a mortgage that is paid off after fifteen years. Some buyers, on the other hand, may decide on a longer term of repayment. One of the most common is that of thirty years. This gives the buyer a long time to pay off the mortgage. Each length has advantages and disadvantages. A shorter term means the mortgage is paid down more quickly. However, the buyer will have to pay a larger mortgage. For those buyers who are strapped for cash initially, the longer term is often a far better option.

Interest Rates

While many factors will influence the amount of the mortgage, perhaps the most important are that of home mortgage interest rates. Rates can vary from time to time. Sometimes they might be low. At other times, for varied reasons, mortgage interest rates may rise. The mortgage interest rate directly impacts the amount of money the home buyer will pay once each month. A higher interest rate directly translates into a higher monthly mortgage. This is why all those who are looking for a mortgage should have a rough idea of current interest rates before they apply.

Credit History

All those who apply for a mortgage can expect bank officials to do a careful examination into their fiscal history. Nearly everyone has a credit history. A credit history is a summary of the applicant’s financial past. Credit rating companies issue a credit report. These reports provide people with a rough estimate of the state of their finances. A person may have a below average credit score due to many factors. Someone with a higher credit score is likely to find banks more receptive to their mortgage application. They’ll likely be offered a lower mortgage interest rate with fewer fees than someone with a less than ideal score.

Putting It Together

All those who are planning to apply for a mortgage should have a careful look at the state of their personal finances. They should know their own credit score before the application is submitted. Potential home buyers should also know what the range of current home mortgage interest rates. It’s best to have all documentation in place as well. This includes pay statements, evidence of savings and any outstanding debt. Having they need everything in place and knowing what’s going to impact their application makes the process flow more easily.


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