Everything to Know About Integrative Medicine


One of the most important things that doctors of integrative medicine will tell people is that it’s not the same thing as alternative medicine. The idea behind integrative medicine is not having to choose between a holistic approach and western medicine practices. The idea is to be open-minded to all medicinal approaches when it comes to your illnesses and conditions.

For example, if you were in a car accident, you will most certainly want to go to the hospital and receive western medical care. On the other hand, if you have recurring sinus infections that medicine has failed to help, you may want to see relief through something like acupuncture.

There are some common issues that your doctor of integrative medicine wants you to know. Below are some of the more common causes of certain conditions.

Phone Time Leading To Dark Moods

Many new medical problems have begun to emerge because of the increase in our technological culture. Too much blue light throughout the day from our devices can have a seriously negative impact on our sleep. Even when you feel like you slept well, it can have undetected effects on the quality of the sleep you are getting.

It has also been learned that the way many people hover over their smartphones, tablets and other devices is having a direct impact on their moods. When a person slouches, it becomes more difficult to recall happy memories. It is important to take frequent breaks from electronic devices and keep an eye out for your posture.

Stress-Induced Belly Fat

As we get older, it gets more and more difficult to control the weight around our midsections. It can seem that no amount of dieting or exercise can get rid of those extra inches. It can be frustrating to try your best to lose your stomach fat and nothing works. Unfortunately, as we get older, our metabolism starts to slow down. Between less help from our metabolism and the stress factors that most of us have to face on a daily basis, cortisol begins to get released into our bodies. Cortisol is a stress hormone that raises your risk for extra fat and heart disease through the increase in visceral fat. This is the fat that can be found deep in your abdominal cavity.

Integrative doctors will help reduce your cortisol levels by prescribing you relaxation techniques and various herbs that are used to balance the levels of your cortisol. They will also recommend that you limit the amount of sugar you consume because your body does not process it well when you have extra belly fat.

Massage Offers Benefits Similar To Medicine

Massage offers people a lot of benefits beyond just feeling good and relaxation. Integrative medicine physicians will often recommend massage to patients who are suffering from chronic pain. For most, pain medicine will only help so much. If you do not like the idea of having to continuously increase your pain medications, alternative methods should be considered. Massage has been shown to decrease the chemicals in the body which lead to pain and inflammation.

Natural Remedies Safer For Kids

No parent likes seeing their kids suffering from any chronic pain or inflammation. It can be even worse when you have to consider giving your children prescriptions or pain medications to help. Integrative medicine doctors have found that many parents are open to the idea of alternative therapies for their kids when no other non-prescription methods are available. There are many natural remedies safe for kids of any age that can help with a number of ailments common in children.

Tea For Tummy Issues

Lots of people suffer from a variety of stomach issues including irritable bowel syndrome. IBS can be awful for those suffering with it and it can severely impact your quality of life. Many prescription medications prescribed for stomach issues such as IBS leave sufferers with side-effects that are just as bad or worse than the ailment.

In this case, integrative medicine doctors would suggest that patients drink some chamomile tea before their lunch and dinner meals. It can relax you and help to calm the negative effects your meal may take on your stomach. Studies have also found chamomile tea to be a great alternative to prescriptions for reducing symptoms of anxiety.


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