5 Ways to Experience Chinese Culture in America


China is one of the world’s oldest societies. The Chinese people have had vast influence on the continent of Asia. Chinese culture has also had a great deal of influence in shaping the entire modern world. From the arts to writing systems and items like paper and silk, Chinese culture has amazing depth that delights at every single turn. Chinese people have been immigrating to the United States for decades. Today, many Chinese people and those of Chinese descent live in contemporary America and still honor their ancestral traditions. If you are in search of opportunities to explore this deep and wonderful culture, there’s lots of places all over America to have fun and get to know it better.

1- Attend a Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese set of movements. It began as a way of training people to practice self-defense. Contemporary Chinese people have taken this process one step further. Tai Chi is now seen as a great way to get gentle exercise and learn how to control one’s limbs with grace. The relaxing movements that are an inherent part of the process help people stretch properly and use all of their muscles without strain. Many community centers now offer classes in this art. People can sign up for a single class or take a series of classes. Many classes in Tai Chi are taught by native experts who can guide people through the correct series of movements and help them learn exactly how it works. Many classes also make use of Chinese concepts and terms, making it easier to become familiar with certain aspects of Chinese culture.

2- Chinese Dance Performances

Like many other cultures, Chinese people love to dance. In the United States, there’s lots of dance groups devoted to teaching kids and everyone else the varied types of Chinese dance. Common dances extend back many centuries. Chinese dances may be performed by a single person or in groups. You can watch as the performance unfolds in front of your eyes. People who want to get to know the culture even better can even take Chinese dance lessons at local community centers.

3- Eat Dim Sum

Dim sum is popular form of Chinese food. Many Chinese restaurants offer dim sum on weekends. People can pop in and sample many different types of little bites. Servers bring carts around the dining room while dim sum is being served. Each cart contains one type of dish. One might feature four pieces of shrimp dumplings. Another might have minced pork with vegetables or a steamed vegetable. Eating dim sum lets people pick out which items they like best. Bring a large group. Everyone can order something different and pass it around the table. Don’t worry about using chopsticks. Forks and spoons are just fine.

4- Visit Chinatown

Major American cities often have a Chinatown. This is an area where large numbers of Chinese people have settled. Such communities offer an easy chance to see Chinese culture in person. There’s typically lots of shops that offer different types of Chinese goods for sale. You’ll often see Chinese calligraphy and other kinds of Chinese art in the windows. Come here for an authentic meal using common Chinese ingredients such as chicken feet and sticky rice. A Chinatown may also have public performances and displays of local artwork that have shown off varied types of Chinese arts.

5- Take Chinese Lessons

One of the best ways to get to know any culture is by studying that country’s language. Chinese language lessons are widely available in the United States. Many scholars are happy to share their knowledge and help people discover the spoken and written forms of the language. Americans with Chinese roots can explore the world of their relatives by mastering the basics of their language. Others may want to study it as well. Learning Chinese can open up many useful business opportunities. With over a billion people, those who learn this modern and age-old language have a lot of company. Taking lessons can also help people understand how Chinese people think as well as what they consider to be of importance.


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