The Power of Essential Oils


What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extremely popular right now because these products are useful in a variety of different ways. An essential oil is derived from some type of plant, including flower blossoms, tree bark or an herb’s leaves. The reason for distilling plants is to create a fragrant essential oil that is used for an assortment of purposes. Here are some of the powerful uses for essential oils.

Powerful Use 1: Sanitizing Surfaces

Property owners often use diluted essential oils to help with the sanitation of surfaces. Some types of essential oils have antibacterial properties to eliminate the pathogens that cause illnesses. Citrus essential oils that are derived from grapefruits, oranges and lemons are often used in household cleaning products such as countertop cleansers and dish soaps. These same cleaning products are used to wash floors and sinks to impart a fresh scent in a kitchen. Many homeowners also use essential oil cleansers in bathrooms to sanitize bathtubs, sinks or toilets. If a property owner chooses the correct types of essential oil cleansers, then the items don’t leave volatile residue on surfaces.

Powerful Use 2: Overcoming Illnesses

Before there were man-made medicines, people used essential oils to recover from illnesses. Today, many individuals are returning to the use of essential oils for common health problems such as colds or arthritis. It is possible to use essential oils in different ways for an illness, including in diffusers or in hot beverages. You can also apply some types of essential oils to your skin. If you want to use an essential oil in a beverage, then make sure that its label states that it is edible. There are several types of essential oil diffusers such as electric, battery-operated or warming devices that hold lit candles. Some of the essential oils that are popular for illnesses include:

• Eucalyptus – relieves sinus pressure
• Oregano – helpful for a toothache
• Frankincense – reduces the pain from arthritis
• Clove – overcoming the symptoms caused by influenza
Tea tree – eliminates viruses from the air

Powerful Use 3: Freshening the Air

Rather than using chemicals to freshen the air in your home, you can use natural essential oils. The fragrance from an essential oil can eliminate the foul odors from cooking foods, smoking cigarettes or having family pets. You can use your favorite scent of essential oil in a diffuser to impart a delicate floral or spicy scent in the air. When you don’t have a diffuser, you can pour essential oil in a bowl to place on a bookshelf or countertop to freshen the air in a smelly room. Here are some of the favorite essential oil fragrances for improving the odor in a room:

• Thyme
• Lemongrass
• Bergamot
• Juniper
• Sage
• Lime

Remember that you can create a unique fragrance in a room by combining two or more essential oils.

Powerful Use 4: Inducing Sleep

If you suffer from a sleep disorder such as insomnia, then begin using essential oils in the evening to help you sleep better. In addition to using an essential oil diffuser in your bedroom, you can add essential oils to your bathwater, soaps and shampoos. You can also spray essential oils on your bedding, or you can make a fabric sachet that holds potpourri that is saturated with essential oil. It is possible to make your own essential oil bath and beauty care items, or you can find ready-made soaps and lotions that contain essential oils. The best essential oils for sleeping include:

• Lavender
• Chamomile
• Marjoram
• Clary sage
• Peppermint

Powerful Use 5: Insect Repellent

When you want to avoid insect bites while outside, you can apply essential oil products to your skin. With the right essential oils such as citronella, basil, lemongrass or oregano, you can avoid having bites from fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. You can add these essential oils to your sunscreen lotions before walking at a park to keep insects from biting.


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