5 Fun Games with Walkie-Talkies for Kids


Walkie Talkies have been around for a long time for many kids to enjoy. Boys and girls alike find them entertaining and the toy has never lost its popularity. Kids have made up some creative games with Walkie Talkies that are fun for all who use them. Below are some fun ways for kids to use them that will entertain them for hours.

Scavenging is a form of the beloved game of scavenger hunt. It can be played a few different ways. One way is to pick an item and one person stays with the item and give clues. This can also be done with teams. Another way to play would be for a parent to hide items and give the kids a list of items to find. It would be great for a birthday party so that the team with the most items gets a prize.

Capture the Flag is another good game for the kids to play. It is a game where each team gets a flag and the other team tries to capture the other team’s flag. You just may have to trick them into giving it to you. This builds teamwork and kids get to work on their leadership skills. You can make up any rules or ways to play the game. This is where creativity comes into play.

Role playing games are great for a child’s imagination because they can be anything they want to be. They could be police and a robber, a doctor and a patient or a firefighter who is saving someone from a house on fire. They can be a spy in another country or even pretend to be in the military. It can be as creative as they want it to be which will keep it interesting for long hours of play.

Follow directions is a game where one child gets blind folded and has to make it to the caller just by listening to the direction the other child is giving. They can add obstacles or a time limit. The game could even be played by the blind folded player has to find a certain item while the other is giving them directions. There can be so many different ways they could play this game.

Hide and seeks goes to a new level using walkie talkies. Use two seekers while everyone else hides. The two seekers can keep in touch about where they have looked and who they have found. It can also be played with everyone having a walkie talkie and giving the seekers clues to where they are at.

Parents love walkie talkies because they help give their children a chance to work on some skills they might otherwise not get a chance to learn at a young age. It is a wonderful tool to develop a good imagination. It helps them work well with each other which is a skill they will use all their life.Make sure you talk with the kids about playing safely. You do not want any child to get hurt, so put some restrictions on their games play to keep everyone safe. One thing to consider is not crossing any streets while playing. Then you can feel good about the games they are playing. Then you can say have fun.


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