6 Reasons Cuban Cigars Are Definitely Worth It


We’ve all heard the hype about Cuban cigars. Are they actually better, though? Is the aroma better? The texture? The smoke itself? According to just about everyone who’s willing to pay so much for them, the answer is a definitive and non-hesitant yes. Here are 6 reasons why Cuban cigars are worth the extra money you shell out for them.

1. A long history of perfection

Cuba is world famous for their cigars. We all know that. What many people don’t know is that part of their perfect process comes from a long, rich history producing those famous cigars. Cubans have been making cigars since Phillip II of Spain was king, way back in the years 1527-1598. As they say, practice makes perfect.

2. Rich soil

Tobaccos tend to take on the flavors of the soil that grows them. Cuba is an area with just the right type of soil for growing tobacco. It has a strong, memorable flavor that surpasses those of other tobaccos.

3. Government regulation

The Cuban cigar industry is heavily regulated by its own government to ensure that each and every cigar is properly rolled and produced. They look for any miniscule flaw or imperfection to make sure that people associate Cuban cigars with only the best. The government regulation actually leads to production of only the world’s finest cigars. Other countries don’t regulate their cigar industries quite as much.

4. Only Cuban tobacco

Cuban tobacco is world famous as being the best tobacco on the market. Other tobaccos may be blended together with tobaccos from different regions, but when you get a Cuban cigar, you’re getting a cigar that’s made with 100% grown and regulated Cuban tobacco. That fact stands out prominently when you smoke these tobaccos. It’s a rich, unforgettable experience you want to share with others.

5. Prestige

Forget quality for a moment, strength of taste and aroma, and consider that a Cuban cigar is often considered the luxury car of the industry. You’re buying and smoking it for underlying reasons and reputation. It’s the prestige that a good Cuban cigar has that sometimes makes it most appealing, and because they are often so expensive, they’re a status symbol as well. Cuban cigars are so popular that they even have an Oscars type awards ceremony each year.

6. A huge fan club

Smoking cigars is more than a physical activity for people. Those who enjoy smoking cigars often like to do so in clubs together, or at get-togethers as a social event, so it’s very much like a club where people get together to compare notes on alcohol or vaping flavors. Cuban cigars have the largest fan club in the world. Some folks won’t like them, but almost no one would deny that they have left a legacy behind that makes the cigar world break down into two parts: Cuban and non-Cuban cigars. Cubans stand out on their own. Everything else just blends in with the crowd.

Smoking cigars may not be something you’re fond of right now, but maybe you have a passing curiosity. Maybe you’ve been smoking Cuban cigars for years and just confirmed a few of your suspicions about the superiority of this region’s cigars. With the recent lifting of the embargo on Cuban cigars, more people in the United States can enjoy them. Maybe now it’s time to find out firsthand why they’re so special.


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