6 Home Remodeling “Upgrades” NO ONE Wants


From simple upgrades to sweeping renovations, the right home improvement project can create a more comfortable household environment while serving to protect or even increase the market value of the property. While the right renovation may be well worth the time, effort and expense involved, the wrong remodeling projects can end up being nothing short of a disaster. From sun rooms to swimming pools, the following projects showcase a range of different home-improvement ideas that owners would do well to reconsider or even avoid entirely.

1. Swimming Pools

Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to relax and enjoy their own backyard swimming pool? While the installation costs associated with a pool or hot tub can quickly rival or even exceed those of even the most ambitious interior remodeling project, maintenance and upkeep can often be a more arduous chore than property owners would have expected. The money needed to install a backyard pool can be better spent tackling a wide range of smaller interior upgrades.

2. Garage Conversion

When it comes to determining the value of a property, square footage is king. Converting the garage into a second living room, study or guest bedroom may seem like a great way to make better use of the space, but such projects often have a negative impact on the market value of the home. Wiring and insulation and even the construction of new walls, doors or windows can make garage conversions a real nightmare and even quality work may result in an interior environment that never looks or feels quite right.

3. Home Theater

Hard-wiring personal electronics into the home is never a great idea. Most prospective home buyers prefer properties that will provide them with a blank slate and the opportunity to create an environment all their own. While current occupants may enjoy a home theater setup, doing away with such modifications is usually high on the to-do list for new buyers.

4. Sun Rooms

Sun rooms place strain on home heating and cooling costs while providing an interior space that is only useful for a narrow range of activities. Converting an existing room into a sun room can be a costly liability, one that may leave properties sitting on the market for an extended period or leaving owners forced to sell for much lower than their asking price.

5. Excessive Carpeting

Hardwood floors are not always the best option. In addition to being more affordable, carpeted flooring can provide a more casual, comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Installing wall-to-wall carpeting may seem like a good idea, but the additional upkeep and the tendency for carpets to stain and discolor overtime can find homeowners regretting such efforts within just a few short years.

6. Personalized Decor

Everyone likes to make a statement, but there is such a thing as going too far. Properties that are too eclectic and renovation ideas that are simply too novel can make it all but impossible to find a prospective buyer for a home. Sticking to conventional ideas is of paramount importance for ensuring home renovations serve to boost property values.

Planning an Upcoming Renovation

From new additions to sustainability, there are no shortage of project ideas to be found. Even the simplest home upgrade can go disastrously wrong in the event that homeowners fail to plan their efforts in advance. Attempting to remodel a home without sufficient preparation is a misstep that no homeowner wants to make.


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