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0 5 Tips for Improving Brain Function in Children

Every parent wants to raise a happy, healthy, growing child. But how to help a child further brain development has been a much-studied topic in the area of child development, and many myths about the development of children’s brains still…

0 9 Great Ways to Improve Your Oral Health

A UC Berkeley 30-year longitudinal study inspected the pictures of the students in a yearbook. Then, they measured the smiles of each of the photos. Surprisingly, the researchers were able to foretell how rewarding and enduring the student’s marriages would…

0 4 Benefits of Dental Handpiece Repairs

When it comes to a dental practice, expenses can add up quickly. One of these involves the equipment used by the dentist, hygienist, dental assistant, and others in the office. Whether it’s new equipment or used, dental handpiece repairs play…

0 6 Supplements that Increase Muscle Mass

The vast majority of people who love to exercise fall into two categories in terms of fitness goals: Weight loss and muscle mass building. Both weight loss and muscle building can be accomplished with the help of supplements. Supplements are…

0 5 Major Foods to Avoid With Braces

When you wear braces, you know there are plenty of foods that you aren’t supposed to eat until they come off again. Unfortunately, remembering which foods those are can be difficult! By memorizing this list of five key foods to…

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