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0 How Breast Reductions are Helping Women

While some women receive surgery to have their breasts enlarged, more women are choosing the opposite path. Breast reduction surgery removes tissue from the breasts, reducing them to the smaller size desired. Women have this procedure done for a variety…

0 Do Diet Plans Really Work?

When you talk about diet plans, you need to be careful not to group all diets together. Some diets are developed after years of scientific research and others are created to generate revenue by selling books and videos. Fad diets…

0 Vaporizer Pen: 5 Things to Know Before Using

Technology is quickly changing the way people consume everything. Smoke is not being spared by this digital revolution. Portable vaporizers have emerged as a leading alternative for smokers everywhere. This guide explores everything an amateur needs to know before experimenting…

0 3 Tips for Passing the Medical Board Review

For many doctors, the medical board review after their internship is probably the most stressful event of their life. After years of medical school and on-the-job training, it all comes down to one final exam. But it doesn’t need to…

0 Family Medicine: Using A Board Exam Prep

The Medical Board Exam or the boards, is an exam that all medical students are required to take at the conclusion of their second year of medical school. The intensive exam which is taken in one day takes 8 hours to…

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