The Benefits of Cannabis


Cannabis, which is more commonly known as marijuana, is making headlines regularly as the legalization movement sweeps through the nation. While many states have decriminalized or even legalized marijuana to varying degrees, there is talk about federal legalization as well. Cannabis has euphoric properties that are associated with getting high. Cannabidiol is one of many natural elements in marijuana that offers the health benefits of weed without the high. Because of this, cannabidiol, or CBD, is legal in many areas where marijuana is still not permitted. Both of these substances offer similar benefits to varying degrees.


A Digestion Aid

Marijuana is commonly associated with an insatiable urge to snack on junk food, but numerous digestive health benefits are linked to marijuana and CBD. For example, these substances may help individuals to moderate blood sugar, which can provide some benefits to those who struggle with diabetes and obesity. In addition, cannabis offers some benefits to those who suffer from eating disorders, Crohn’s disease and other similar digestive issues. It also is associated with relieving nausea in cancer patients during chemotherapy treatments. On a side note, it is associated with a reduced risk of developing some types of cancers. Some studies have indicated that it has reduced the size of tumors for some types of cancers as well.


Pain Management

Numerous studies have been conducted on the pain management and pain relief benefits of cannabis and cannabidiol, and the results are positive. It may be particularly beneficial at relieving chronic back and nerve pain. Because cannabis is non-addictive, it may be preferred over addictive painkillers. Given this benefit, it could dramatically improve the quality of life of many individuals who suffer from pain regularly.


Mental Health

The full effects of cannabis on mental health are still being researched, but many studies that have already been completed are positive in this area. Marijuana is commonly and effectively used to manage anxiety, and it may be used to improve mood associated with depression. Some people assume that the relaxation or high associated with marijuana would worsen depression symptoms, but this is not the case for many people.


Neural Benefits

In addition to the mental health benefits of cannabis, other neural benefits are significant. For example, studies have indicated that CBD and marijuana may protect the brain from neural damage after a stroke or a brain injury. In addition, it offers benefits for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, migraines and many other brain-related conditions.


A Profitable Industry

One of the many reasons why states are moving toward the legalization of marijuana is related to finances. Marijuana is not addictive, and many studies indicate that it is safer than substances that are legal, such as cigarettes and alcohol. The economic benefits are also significant. For example, a study in Pueblo County, Colorado indicated that the industry infused more than $58 million into the economy within a specified period of time. The total cost of additional law enforcement and essential social services related to cannabis legalization was only tallied at $23 million for that same period of time. Some of this revenue funded college scholarships for local students. A projection of the financial impact that federal legalization could have estimates a total economic benefit of more than $105 billion between 2017 and 2025. In addition, up to a million new jobs could be created through federal legalization within this same time period.
Based on many user experiences and studies conducted by reputable organizations, you can see that the benefits of cannabis are significant. However, there continue to be concerns about legalizing a substance that has been prohibited for decades. If cannabis is not legal in your area yet, you may be able to take advantage of some of the many health benefits that it offers through various types of CBD products. Because the laws related to these substances are rapidly changing in some areas, pay attention to developments in your area.


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