4 Surprising Amenities That Come with Senior Living


Moving to a community for seniors is a big decision and requires serious consideration. You may be making the decision on your own, or a family member may be assisting in finding the community that right for you, so give it a lot of thought. Living in a senior community provides a sense of security in an environment that’s safe. Housekeeping and meal planning is no longer an issue. One of the best things is that seniors can remain independent but have assistance if they need it. One of the things that means the most to a lot of people is finding the perfect community that makes life easier and suits their lifestyle. Here are four of the amenities that come as a surprise in senior living communities.

1- Social Life

One of the issues seniors face when they no longer work is isolation. They may not have interaction with people they frequently saw when they were working. It becomes more difficult to have a normal social life after retirement. Making new friends is one of the perks of moving to a new community, and that applies to seniors when they move to a senior living facility.

Most senior living facilities have a social director or staff who plan daily activities that keep residents active. A lot of different opportunities for socializing should be available to residents. The staff schedules activities within the community and plans off-campus trips for shopping, or visiting galleries or museums. Activities that are structured like seasonal or birthday parties, dancing, cultural events, and field trips offer new relationships and an active social life. Some facilities offer art classes or book clubs, and if it’s near a college, seniors may have use of the school’s resources including special events and courses.

2- Dining Options

When you think of a community for seniors, the concept of a cafeteria setting comes to mind. However, people considering a move to a senior living community may be surprised with the dining options that are included. Many of the communities are more like luxury resorts with full-service dining. Chefs prepare excellent meals in clubhouse-style restaurants. The emphasis of the food is on menus with variety. Some communities feature fully-stocked clubhouse bars.

When you live in a community with other seniors, there’s no menu planning, going grocery shopping, or cleaning up after meals. Many facilities provide breakfast and one other meal, whether lunch or dinner, in the fee. Food choices of the residents is a priority and feedback is encouraged.

3- Health and Wellness Programs

The connection between body, mind, and soul is a concept that more people are realizing is essential to a person’s well-being. Health and wellness programs customized to each person’s needs help them to live an active, fulfilling life. Many assisted, and independent living facilities provide fitness centers, pools, game rooms, walking paths, and libraries. The concept is for residents to be able to participate in a variety of activities as little or as much as they wish.

4- Transportation Options

When a person makes the decision to move to a senior living community, it doesn’t mean they give up their freedom. One of the best features of moving into a community is that you no longer have to deal with finding parking when you go out or worry about driving in traffic. Many senior living facilities provide garages or parking for residents, and some offer free transportation when it’s scheduled ahead of time.

When you’re considering moving to a senior living community, here are some things to keep in mind. Find out what services are available. Health care monitoring including emergency response and help with medications is important to some, while others are more interested in transportation or housekeeping services the facility has.

Perhaps you want to stay in contact with friends online, and a Wi-Fi connection is a priority. The community should be aesthetically pleasing and be a place in which you’ll be comfortable. Some people like bright, contemporary settings while other prefer the rustic look.

You should choose the place that makes you feel at home. One of the most important factors to consider when visiting senior living facilities is to make sure the amenities is right for your lifestyle and preferences.


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