4 Times When You Will Wish for a Screened In Patio


A screened-in patio may be one of the best investments you make in your home, not only for its value but for your comfort. The enclosure makes it possible to have your own year-round retreat where you can experience the weather and extend the usefulness of your yard. Turning your patio into an outdoor haven gives your home a whole new dimension for enjoyable living.

1. You have bugs.

Some bugs are more annoying than others, especially the biting and stinging ones like mosquitoes, flies, deer flies, wood ticks, hornets and no-see-ums. Most screening materials won’t allow bugs to fly through the mesh, and without a doubt, it’s the best way to enjoy a meal outdoors without batting the flies or hornets away.

It also eliminates the need to spray your skin with bug spray or fog the backyard. Your pets will enjoy it as well, since they won’t be troubled by menacing insects as long as the foundation and walls are tightly sealed.

2. The weather is great.

Some climates are year-round and there’s nothing nicer than being able to be outside to enjoy the weather with a roof overhead and screened panels to prevent leaves from blowing inside. In dry climates, it’s possible to cool the patio using an evaporative cooler. These operate fairly quietly and use little electricity. In colder climates, patio heaters provide warmth in the winter and give you a chance to be outdoors even when it’s snowing.

People have put wood-burning fireplaces in enclosed patios and included other features like built-in barbecues, refrigerators and sinks. Patio furniture can be just as comfortable as indoor furniture and there are home entertainment systems that are weather- and waterproof. Window coverings are just as decorative and functional for outdoor patios as they are in your home.

3. Enhance personal security.

Being able to be outdoors in an area where the natural world might be risky for small children is one of the best reasons to put up a screened-in patio. They won’t need to be constantly monitored for bugs and with the right door latches and locks, they won’t be able to wander off unsupervised.

If you have a backyard swimming pool and small children, it’s especially important to make sure that they have no access to the pool without an adult present. Enclosing the patio securely gives them a place to be outside and enjoy the fresh air without being able to access the swimming pool. For added safety, you could install a door and pool alarm independent of or in addition to your home’s existing security system.

4. You want to block the sun.

A screened-in patio gives you a place to enjoy the outdoors without having to be concerned about getting too much sun. There are all kinds of shade materials available that reduce the amount of UV rays that go through the screen. Not only does it reduce your UVA and UVB exposure go down, but it also cuts the heat gain in your home.

The sun in the sunbelt states, whether in the southeast or the southwest, is strong enough even in the winter to be a concern for anyone who likes being outdoors. Instead of having to wear sunscreen to enjoy an afternoon outdoors, a screened patio with sun-blocking screen (also known as shade cloth) will prevent overexposure.

This type of shade cloth also provides daytime privacy, since it blocks the view coming into the shade screen without obstructing yours. It changes at night, however. If you have a light on, people on the outside will be able to see inside, while you won’t be able to see them easily.


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