5 Benefits of Investing in Curb Appeal Before Listing Your Home


For home and property owners seeking to ensure quick and successful sale, curb appeal is never a concern that should go overlooked. Even smaller improvements and more modest projects can make a significant and positive impact on the market value of a home. Identifying the upgrades and landscaping improvements that will allow homeowners to derive the most benefit with their time and effort can often be one of the most important concerns when prepping a home for sale. The following five benefits serve to highlight the importance of enhanced curb-appeal.

1- Making the Right First Impression

“Failing to make a lasting or positive initial impression can often find many prospective buyers looking elsewhere,” said Curb Appeal Fixers. Curb appeal is often the single most important factor when it comes to making a positive impression and households or real-estate investors who fail to make the effort needed to maintain or improve on the exterior appearance of a location could be placing themselves at a major disadvantage. Projects like installing new hard or softscape elements and environments or selecting plants that will make a more dramatic addition to their surroundings can often make a world of difference.

2- A More Attractive Exterior May Help Buyers to See the Bigger Picture

While some investors may only be interested in reselling a home in order to make a quick profit, there are plenty of buyers whose chief concern is finding the most attractive and comfortable home for their family. Enhanced curb appeal can be especially important when it comes to making it easier for potential buyers to see the true potential of a residential property. Enhanced curb appeal can be a real asset when it comes to making certain that visitors and prospective buyers are able to more easily envision that impact that future home-improvement and upgrade projects may have.

3- Not All Buyers or Investors May Not Be Interested in Taking on Larger Projects

Not every property owner may be interested in dealing with renovation efforts that may costly or labor intensive. Current owners who choose to limit themselves to only the buyers or investors who may be willing to make due with a less attractive exterior may find it more difficult to close the deal on a home. Taking care of the work and completing major landscaping and exterior renovations before listing a property helps to ensure that owners will be able to attract the interest of potential buyers in greater numbers.

4- Landscaping Can Offer a Superior Return of Investment

Even some of the most simple and cost-effective landscaping upgrades can easily add thousands to the market value of a home. For owners who are seeking to maximize their potential profits, making a few exterior improvements can often be very rewarding. Targeting any issues that could give potential buyers cause for hesitation and transforming any areas that may look shabby or rundown is often all it takes in order to ensure a more profitable and successful sale. Enhancing curb appeal can often be done far more easily and cost-effectively than many other interior home-improvement projects.

5- Minimizing the Amount of Time a Home Sits on the Market

Having a property sit on the market for too long can lead to no end of problems. Just listing a home that may lack for curb appeal may prove challenging as exterior photos and images of a property that fail to catch the eye may be unable to generate the level of interest needed in order to find the right buyer. A few well-chosen plants, a little exterior paint or spending the time and effort needed to replace any materials that have begun to show signs of wear can all help to minimize the time it takes to close the deal.

Tackling Home-Improvement Efforts Before Listing a Property

Homeowners would be wise to seek out new ideas and landscaping tips as early as possible. Many property owners who fail to get an early start may run into problems with certain projects that may require the right seasonal weather conditions or renovation efforts that may not be completed overnight. Making every effort to enhance the curb appeal of a home prior to listing the property can go a long way towards ensuring a more successful sale.


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