6 Essential Reasons to Use a Portable Storage Container When Moving


Moving has changed in the past decade on a drastic scale. Instead of needing to pack up your home box by box, making dozens of trips to and from your old home, in comes the 21st Century with the innovation of portable storage containers to help you move easier. Never again will you have to fill up your car to the brim, and hope you don’t break any of your items bringing them to your new home.

Portable moving container companies such as Smartbox and U-Haul use the simplicity of dropping your moving container right outside your home for easier packing. In fact, with just one container, you’re most likely able to fit everything in your home. However, this depends entirely on the space of your home and how much stuff you have to move. But, these portable storage options can take a lot of work out of the moving process since once you’re done with the packing, a moving company can hitch their truck to your portable storage container and drop it off at your new home.

1. Easier to Load

For those who have ever used a moving truck to store and move your belongings, it can be both hazardous and difficult making your way up the truck’s ramp and securing your most precious belongings. Instead, with a portable storage container, you can pack away your items on a ground level, making it easier and safer for you. Not to mention, when it comes to your storing your furniture, you don’t have to risk it falling on you anymore.

2. More Security

Since the portable storage container is dropped directly in front of your house and only you have the keys that lock and unlock the unit, using a storage container is much safer than any other form of moving. All you have to do is fill up your unit, lock it, and enjoy all your belongings in a secure and safe area for your entire moving trip. Once you arrive at your new home, all you have to do is unlock it and unload away!

3. Cost Effective

“Compared to any type of professional moving company, using a portable moving container is much less expensive,” said Mini Storage On Wheels. Loading and unloading your unit is easy, and a company truck will even come by, hitch it up, and drop it off at your new home. All you have to do is pay for the storage container rental and the delivery of it. You can forget about any strange fees or premiums, most moving container companies have a flat rate they base their pricing on.

4. Safer and Efficient

The moving truck that will be delivering your items come with a special form of lifting system that makes moving your storage container easier. This way, your belongings in your storage unit are safer and moving them to your new home is faster than a regular moving truck.

5. International and National Delivery Options

Moving internationally, or even nationally can be a heavy burden to bear. Especially, if you find yourself moving many personal belongings that you don’t want to risk losing. However, storage moving container companies have nearly perfected deliveries and offer intuitive services to help make your move easier and safer. Not to mention, some of them even have tracking options on your storage container, so you will know where it is at all times.

6. Storage Solutions

Along with a variety of different storage container companies to choose from, you also have a variety of different portable storage size options to choose for yourself. Although there may be flat fees based on the larger sized containers, having the ability to pick and choose which one suits your needs is a big plus, compared to other moving truck companies.


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