5 Reasons to Include a Photo Booth at Your Next Party


When planning a party, photo booths are a fun and entertaining item to incorporate into the festivities. In addition to being a fun way to get guests up and get involved, it also acts as a filler for the host who is making their rounds through the party. Photo booths offer the opportunity to have themed events by adding clothes and accessories and can be equipped with technology that will allow guests to email or post their experience on social media, or even print the images as a keepsake.

According to Forbes magazine, young and old alike have fun getting in on the action and even with social media all the rage, there is something bonding about being close to someone making goofy selfies and taking home a hard copy.

Having the security of a photo booth buys the host time to mingle with all of their guests, while taking the pressure off from spending too much or too little time between guest visits. Equally as great, it gets guests up and socializing and not feeling so structured or stuffy from following a set agenda for the event. Instead of sitting around waiting for activities to happen, guests can go to the photo booth at their liberty and start snapping away.

Guests can intermingle with others that they might not have necessarily done so if not for the photo booth allowing a more personalized interaction. Connections can be made between a grandfather and a school teacher who have a like for rock music and make a lasting connection all the while waiting in line to snap some pics.

Dressing in themes is fun for both young and old. Allowing you to step out of the serious side of day to day life and letting your hair down can be highly entertaining. Everything from silly mustaches to wacky glasses and over the top accessories amp up the fun factor to an all-time high.

What better way to have that memory than having a hard copy print. The print can be a favor for the event thus saving the host money, but indirectly giving the guest a keepsake for years to come. Additionally, customizing the prints with the date, place, venue or other factors give it that special touch.

Using animated GIFS up the overall laugh fact. Finding GIFS that go with the theme of an event can add that special touch and give guests that unexpected wow factor. Attendees with often display their pics in a frame around the house or even on their office desk as a reminder of the fun they had, so why not get in on the action. The more tech savvy guest might opt for email or the direct upload to their social media site. Uploading directly gives the guest instant likeability and is a way for them to share a special event with friends and family. Plugging certain themes with hashtags are a sure way to get even more people involved in the fun.

Perhaps making connections through the instant uploading and hashtag will bring networking of certain likes together. NYTimes showcases big branded companies that use photo booths and hash tagging as an easy and inexpensive way to advertise their product while still allowing the customer to have fun. Customers in essence are marketing their favorite companies with little to no effort just by taking a quick snap in a photo booth. After all, the world is a small place.

Including a photo booth at your event is a sure way to have lasting memories for all guests. Hosts will also have the opportunity to see the moments they may have missed because they were tending to other activities at the event or relive memories of their big night.


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