6 Surprising Ways a Sewer Camera Will Help Your Home


Sewer line blockage is among the messiest and costliest plumbing disasters you will ever experience. When it comes to fixing your sewer line blockage, a one-size-fits-all solution cannot apply as there are numerous causes to this problem that have differing rectification methods. This is where sewer line camera inspection comes in handy; it allows accurate identification of the sewer culprits, allowing your plumber to apply the appropriate solution with optimal precision. Sewer camera inspection is an advanced plumbing technology that allows plumbers to identify potential drain problems that are hidden from view or hard to reach. Using cameras is an efficient way of pinpointing and repairing sewer problems without having to dig up or damage your home.

Drain imaging uses nothing more than a tiny camera on a flexible rod. Its flexibility allows it to fit down almost any size of a drain, traveling through curves to allow the plumber to observe your sewer system on a mobile device or screen. With sewer camera inspection, you no longer have to send a person down your drainage system to establish the condition of your drainage system. If you suspect the presence of a stubborn clog, tree root intrusion, or imminent sewer line failure, you can conveniently rely on sewer camera inspection to get an accurate diagnosis and repair of your system.

Whether you are envisioning buying a new home or you have owned one for years, there are numerous benefits to be derived from sewer camera inspection as explained below.

1- Pinpointing Damaged and Clogged Places

According to Smart Choice Plumbing & Air Conditioning, a sewer camera will allow your plumber to determine the exact location of damage or a clog without wasting time on needless guesswork. This will assist in getting the right fix the first time as opposed to unsuccessfully attempting multiple sewer repairs that will cost you time.

2- Verifying that a Clog has Been Removed

After completion of a plumbing task, a sewer camera will enable you to confirm that whatever was blocking a particular section of your sewer has been successfully removed. Seeing the image of the sewer line blockage and subsequently witnessing its repaired state will ascertain that you aren’t getting ripped off your hard earned money.

3- Establishing the Pipe Types Used

Before any plumbing work is done, it is imperative that you employ sewer line inspection to establish what kind of pipes are down there. This information should factor significantly into the decision making of any prospective home buyer. For instance, the plumbing system could be an obsolete type that requires immediate replacement.

4- Identifying Problem Areas

Waiting for a sewer problem to occur and fumbling to fix it is an unwise decision that will cost you more. Fortunately, sewer camera inspection affords you the opportunity to identify the spots that are likely to develop clogs or get damaged. This allows your plumber to execute timely rectification of problems that may cause severe damage to your sewer line.

5- Preventing Future Blockages

If your habits caused the sewer line blockage, a camera will be able to deduce that fact. Such habits include dumping garbage and grease down your sink and using “flushable” wet wipes. Changing a simple habit could go a long way in preventing you from experiencing the nastiness of a sewer line backup, as well as the expense of a total sewer line re-trenching.

6- Location of Hidden Pipes

Sewer systems will often have pipes located in all sorts of places that are not easy to identify. The task of locating underground pipes and those hidden deep within walls is significantly eased by the use of sewer cameras without necessarily digging up or demolishing substantial sections of the construction while looking for pipes.

Rather than speculating whether you have a plumbing problem like root damage, clogs, leaks, or old fashioned pipes, you could simply employ sewer cameras to make a definite conclusion. The cameras are capable of traveling through hard to reach places when carrying out routine maintenance, purchasing a home, remodeling, or when looking for lost items like jewelry.

However, due to the complexities of the sewer line camera technology and the huge investment required, you will find that most plumbers cannot provide this crucial service. You will, therefore, want to contact a seasoned professional who is actually qualified and adequately equipped to execute this complicated tax for you.


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