8 Qualities to Look For in a Fishing Charter Company


Heading out on a fishing charter is a blast, but you need to be smart about it. When you are out on the ocean fishing, finding the right spots where you can hook a ton of fish makes the difference between a good time and a great time. To find the right fishing charter company, you need to know what to look for. When you want to have a blast on your next fishing trip, look for these eight qualities in the fishing charter company you choose.

1. Convenient Location

Like anything else, location is a prime consideration when it comes to selecting a fishing charter boat. You need to find a charter company that is close to where you are staying. Keep in mind that the best fishing charters leave early in the morning. You want to have a short drive to the boat in the morning.

2. Type of Fishing They Specialize In

It is crucial that you find a charter fishing company that specializes in the type of fishing that piques your interest, according to Big Bully Outdoors. Some may specialize in showing you the best local reefs, while others cater to deep sea fishing lovers. Find the right charter for your type of fishing adventure.

3. Group Rates

If you are going to be fishing in a large group, getting a group rate is advisable. Some fishing charter companies offer tremendous discounts for large groups. Especially if you have a particularly large group, you will want to shop around to find the best rates for group packages.

4. How Long You Want to Be out on the Water

For those who are new to charter fishing, it is best to start with a charter of four hours to get your wet wet. Four hours is long enough to have a good time, but it is short enough that it won’t be torture if there are members of your group who are not enjoying themselves. Of course, old hands may want to go out for several days. You need to find the right fishing charter company for the length of trip that you desire.

5. Captain

You absolutely must find a captain who you trust. There is always a chance that the weather could turn nasty in a hurry when you are out on the ocean. If the worst happens, you need to have a captain at the helm that you can trust with your lives. It is also important to find a friendly captain who will ensure you have a good time. A warm, knowledgeable fishing charter captain is worth his weight in gold.

6. Crew

It is just as important to find a boat with a good crew as it is to find a boat with a good captain. The crew needs to be friendly and knowledgeable. They also need to work well together as a team, acting quickly to carry out the captain’s instructions.

7. Boat Type

You need to match up the right boat with the kind of trip you want to take. To get the right boat, you first must know what kind of fishing you want to do and how long you want to stay out. With this information, you will get the size and style of boat that is best for your trip. Keep in mind that longer trips require bigger boats that cost more.

8. Amenities

As well as bringing your own gear, it is important that you get together as a group to decide what kind of amenities you need. While you might be okay without a bathroom, not everyone in your group may necessarily feel the same way. A kitchen and a fridge are always nice to have if you are staying out for a while. You should also get a boat with fighting chairs to make it easy on yourself if you have a long battle to reel in a fish.

With these eight things in mind, you will be ready to start looking for the ideal fishing charter to meet your needs. Keep in mind that you may have to compromise on some points. Decide what is important for you, and find the best fishing charter company option to satisfy all the things you require for your trip.


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