7 Advantages of Having a Supercharger on Your Truck


There are many different reasons as to why you would invest in a supercharger for your truck. What is a supercharger? Well, the phrase itself refers to a device that focuses on adding pressure to your vehicle’s air intake in order to increase its overall power. Superchargers are typically powered by the engine of the truck, but often serve as direct ways to boost and subsequently strengthen your truck’s engine.

However, they’re also pretty expensive, most of them setting you back at least a couple thousand dollars for a quality model. Because of this, it makes sense if you’re still on the fence about getting one for yourself.

There are plenty of benefits that you can take advantage of, though, if you decide to incorporate a supercharger into your truck. In this blog post we’ll be taking a look at 7 Advantages of Having a Supercharger on Your Truck so the next time you’re in the market and considering a supercharger, you can make a well-informed decision.

  1. Superchargers Don’t Run on a Delay

One of the most common negative aspects of similar devices such as turbochargers is that they have a slight lag, meaning that there is a delay between a driver pressing down on the gas pedal and the engine reacting to it. This is a benefit of superchargers because they are connected directly to the crankshaft of an engine, allowing them to have no lag time in-between input and response.

  1. Easy Installation

Superchargers have a notoriously easy installation, which is usually not very common for products of their kind. As opposed to the turbochargers that they are often compared to, superchargers can simply be installed on the side or top of an engine with bolts as opposed to having to extensively tamper with the engine to get it to work. This also makes them easier to continue maintaining them throughout the years, as they are easily accessible.

  1. Superchargers Aren’t Lubricated

This may seem like an arbitrary specification to list as a benefit of superchargers, but having no lubrication actually is a huge deal for devices. For example, the absence of engine oil makes it possible for superchargers to shut off immediately as opposed to having an idle period in which the oil must cool down to avoid damaging the device. This allows you to not have to worry about whether or not the oil was hot, undoubtedly increasing the overall lifespan of your supercharger.

  1. Superchargers Are Effective for a Variety of Transportation

This is a more obscure benefit, but it’s certainly true—if you happen to have a need to find a product to use in multiple different types of transportation, superchargers have purposes that extend far beyond trucks. For example, airplanes also utilize the chargers to increase the amount of energy they’re able to gain at higher altitudes, allowing them to maintain their speed and overall success rate without having to change the way the engine works.

  1. Superchargers Have a Sustainable Function

Superchargers are able to take their power from the engine of the device they’re installed in, allowing the energy to maintain its overall form through time because it doesn’t have to stress its form out through developing the energy itself.

  1. Warming Up is a Benefit

Though warming up is a process that hinders and puts strain on other devices, this aspect of superchargers is a benefit. They work efficiently at operating temperatures and are able to retain the heat without losing as much of their overall composition and durability as other types of chargers, such as turbochargers.

  1. Increased Horsepower

Out of all the items on our list, the most important advantage of having a supercharger for your truck is the ability to have increased horsepower. If you have a truck that doesn’t have enough horsepower on its own, the addition of a supercharger will help it quickly resemble a vehicle of a much larger size.


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