7 Crucial Questions to Ask When Your Vehicle is Being Repaired


Cars can be a mystery. There are different components involved that all work together to move your car down the road. If you’ve been involved in an accident or something in your car is not functioning, a mechanic can help make the necessary repairs to get you back on the road. However, most drivers tend to get intimidated by auto repairs and fail to ask the necessary questions.

This ends up being a big mistake. To save you the trouble, here are some seven crucial questions to ask when your vehicle is being repaired.

1. Does Your Service Center Repair my Vehicle Make and Model?

You need to be sure that the mechanic has experience servicing your specific car make and model. Nothing is disappointing as working with a mechanic who has no experience in your type of car. If a mechanic claims to have previously worked on the same model as your car, ask for reviews from satisfied clients. Yelp is a great place to look at the reviews and ratings. Find out if the mechanic has the part in stock to plan ahead

Also, you need to find out if the mechanic is certified with the Automotive Service Excellence seal. This certification proves that anyone employed in the business has undergone training and passed the test in automotive repair.

2. How long will The Repair Take?

It’s easy to assume that you have an idea of how much time the repair will take. However, you need to ask to avoid disappointments. The repair could take longer if the shop is busy. This question is essential if the repairs are more complicated and you could be without your car for several days. Knowing how much time is expected will give you the peace of mind.

3. Do You Provide Warranty?

Find out if the mechanic offers a warranty on labor, parts, or both. Some manufacturers may offer warranty for parts and not provide coverage for labor, according to Federal Trade Commission. Have this in writing to make sure you’re responsible for in the future. It’s in your best interest to find a repair shop that offers a warranty to avoid costly expenses later on.

4. How Much Will The Repairs Cost?

It’s common for dealers to charge miscellaneous fees for things not related to the repair you were going for, Make sure to ask for the estimate and any hidden fees to avoid surprises. Also, find out if the repair shop has an inspection fee and if they provide free estimates beforehand.

5. What Kind of Replacement Parts are You Using?

Remember that not all replacement parts are similar. You’re likely to get what you pay for when you choose cheap parts. Make sure that the repair shop is using factory-quality parts for repairs. You also need to ask to see the part that needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, ask the mechanic what their used parts policy stipulates. Some shops pass off used parts as new to vehicle owners. Find out if there is a warranty on the new part. This ensures that in case the part fails within the suggested time-frame, then it can be replaced or repaired for free.

6. Will You Call Me With Unexpected Discoveries or Expenses During Repair?

You need to find out if the mechanic will call you if something comes up which is in addition to the written estimate. Some states have this as law, but it never hurts to ask.

7. Will I Get an Explanation of Completed Work?

Once everything is repaired, be sure to receive a detailed explanation of all the work done. Have each repair, parts used, costs of each part, odometer reading upon arrival, and labor charges clearly outlined.

These questions may seem a lot to ask. Nonetheless, an experienced and patient mechanic will be happy to respond. The best thing is that having this information can help you avoid extra expenses and legal issues down the road.


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