8 Important Facts to Know About Choosing a Roofing Company


You may be considering hiring a roofing contractor for a number of reasons. Maybe your old roof is leaking or got blown off in a storm and you need to get it repaired or replaced. Perhaps you are building and need someone to put the roof on your new home. Whatever the case, here are facts that you need to know before you make the final decision on who will be your roofing contractor.

1- Consider Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important factors to consider. It protects the valuables in your home and your property against possible damage by the roofing company workers. If you work with a contractor who does not have insurance coverage, then you risk not being compensated for any damage that might occur to your property.

Common insurance types in the roofing industry include worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

2- Certifications and Memberships

As equally as important as insurance, is certification and licensing memberships. The roofing industry is a regulated one and certified contractors instill a high level of confidence. If a regulating body has given a contractor their stamp of approval, then this probably means that they are good at what they do. All of these will give you more insight into the roofing company you want to work with.

3- Experience is Key

Although a certified company looks good on paper, the true test of skill is experience. Choose a company with a proven track record in roof installation and repair. Insurance is great and so is certification, but nothing beats good old experience.

4- Cheap Can Be Expensive

The cheaper option is not always the best. While it is unwise to go for an expensive company simply because you might feel this means quality, conducting a price comparison is important. You can also take into consideration some of the other factors mentioned above such as insurance and experience together with cost.

5- Choose a Company That Is Available Locally

Availability in your locality is critical for a number of reasons, mainly that they have a presence and hence reputation in your local area. Often, you will find that local companies have existed for long will be able to provide you with the standard 5-year warranty that is given on roofing. If a company closes shop, you can similarly say goodbye to your warranty.

6- What To Include in Your Contract

You will need a contract signed, and in most cases, if the roofing company is certified and licensed then they will have the professionalism to draft a contract. If they do not, then do not worry about it. Just make sure you get in touch with a lawyer and get them to draft a contract in liaison with the roofing company. Alternatively, the roofing company can organize for this.

The contract should include details on pricing and when to pay. It should also include warranty details. You should always pay after the roofing work is complete. There are usually no deposit requirements for roofing services, and you certainly do not have to give any. Another thing to note in the contract is how long the job will take. Ultimately, if you are not satisfied with the services, you can leverage the fact that you have not paid to have work improved.

7- Check if Their Communication is Reliable

A good company will be in constant communication with you, cross-checking your preferences and responding to your queries. If your roofing contractor does not respond to emails and calls, this shows lack of professionalism and reliability. One way of checking for communication issues is through asking for a free quote. Most roofing companies should be able to give you a free quote, and if it is taking long to hear from them, then forget that contractor and get another one, preferably through a referral.

8- Get a Referral

What is great about referrals is that they are a show of a company’s previous work. A company will only be referred by someone if they did a great job for them. Referrals are great testimonials for a company.

Now that you have gone three these important facts get searching for a roofing contractor with confidence. These facts enable you to make an informed decision.


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