8 Restorations to Make to Your Vehicle Before Selling


Used car sales makes up a massive portion of the vehicle selling market. With the development of used car businesses such as Carmax, there are now more options than ever when selling an old vehicle. The money made from this sale can go towards purchasing a new car, investing in stocks or having some spending money. Before selling your car however, it is important to make sure you’re getting the best offer possible. This may require some last-minute maintenance and repairs. Here are eight restorations to make to your vehicle before selling.

1. Paint Job

The paint job is the first aspect of a car that people notice. For this reason, you should make sure that your used car has a pristine coat. This means that the vehicle is free from any scratches, sun blotches, uneven lines and small cuts. These imperfections can easily be fixed with a quick paint job. Choosing a popular color can also help increase the value of your vehicle.

2. Dent Removal

Dents are one of the ugliest things to see on a vehicle. They distract from all other great qualities and can easily turn away prospective buyers. Indentations can easily plummet the value of a used vehicle immediately. Furthermore, people may assume that the car wasn’t cared for properly when in use. Nobody wants to buy a car from a careless owner. Car shops can repair dents fairly quickly and for an affordable price.

3. Oil Change

Oil is an essential part of any vehicle that helps to keep the engine running smoothly. When oil is low, there are a number of problems that can go wrong. Beyond simple looks and aesthetics, potential customers will want to ensure the used vehicle functions properly. Having a fresh oil change can make sure that all components are running smoothly and properly.

4. New Tires

Tires are one of the most used parts of a vehicle. In fact, it is recommended to change a vehicle’s tires every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Even if you’re tires are still intact, it is a good idea to replace them before selling the car. A fresh pair of tires not only enhances the street appeal of a car, but it also improves the overall performance.

5. Fresh Brakes

Along with replacing the vehicle’s tires, it is also important to invest in new brakes. Even if the current ones aren’t completely worn down, new brakes will help your car stand out that much more. People want to feel safe in a car they purchase. Used cars are assumed to be less safe then newer ones. Restoring a used car with new brakes can help make potential buyers more comfortable.

6. Interior Repairs

Although the outside of a vehicle is seen more often, the inside should be just as pristine. Even the most beautiful used car can be ruined with a poorly maintained interior. Some examples of common interior issues include ripped seats, dirty air filters, mysterious stains, worn arm rests and loose headrests. These imperfections should be restored before attempting to sell a used car.

7. Clean Floor Mats

Clean floor mats may not seem like an important part of restoring a used car. However, pristine floor mats can give a used car a new and clean feel. Besides, customers like to see a used car that has been treated well in the past. A car with dirty floor mats looks unkept and uncared for. Taking a few extra minutes to scrub and vacuum these mats can help improve the overall look of the vehicle.

8. Windshield Repairs

A cracked or scratched windshield can make a car much less valuable. Not only is this aesthetically displeasing, but these damages can cause accidents. Many people avoid repairing their windshield because they don’t mind driving with the minor inconvenience. However, these damages must be repaired before attempting to sell your vehicle. Potential customers won’t be pleased with a windshield that has cracks or scratches.

Selling a used car doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Because so many people choose to buy used instead of new, finding potential buyers shouldn’t be hard. However, there are some important restorations to make before putting a vehicle on the market.


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