The Ultimate Baby Mattress Buying Guide


With plenty of sleeping time, your baby needs reliable comfort. The cot mattress therefore warrants a detailed selection that guarantees you the extra comfort when needed. But as a key player in your nursery, finding the perfect fit tends to be an uphill task. The many crib mattress brands available all claim to be the best, making it hard to differentiate quality from fake. A keen eye therefore is paramount; however how do you achieve it? Well, you need an understanding of the fundamentals that make a great cot mattress. To help you out here are a couple of things you should consider before ordering one.

1- Mattress design

Baby crib mattresses come in different designs, however the foam and innerspring mattresses tend to be a household favorite. A foam mattress is the first pick for most parents. They are cheaper, lighter and way easier to use. As for their counterparts, innerspring mattresses are up on cost although more durable and safer. On average, the best innerspring mattresses have 135 to 150 coils with a gauge of 15.5 or lower. Nevertheless, the best foam mattress will just be as good as the best innerspring mattress. When it comes to selection your preference will take center-stage.

2- The firmer, the better

With a malleable bone structure, you baby needs the support of a firm mattress. Soft mattresses tend to conform to your body shape and for a baby this could be disastrous. Though more comfortable, soft crib mattresses pose a high risk of suffocation and are the leading cause of SIDS in infants. It is vital to look for a mattress that meets the firmness test. According to ABC News, some top brands fail to conform to the required safety standards and parents are advised to avoid investing in such brands. If you press around the center and edge of the mattress and it doesn’t bounce back, then the mattress is too soft for your baby.

3- Mattress size

This is obvious but it is important to get a mattress size that fits your particular crib. It is always good to double check to make sure the mattress fits snugly against all sides of the crib even though most mattresses and cribs come in standard sizes.

4- Mattress cover

Before adding that vibrant baby cot mattress to your cater list, consider the type of mattress cover used. You may be wondering why as bed sheets do all the mattress covering. Well, with a leaking diaper in the wee hours of the night, your silk sheets stand no chance. The only salvage left is investing in a reliable mattress cover.

The cover elongates the lifeline of your baby’s mattress. If waterproof, it prevents leaking diapers from soaking the core of the mattress. A good mattress cover should be removable for easy cleaning when needed. Mattress covers reinforced with nylon also are a great pick as they are less prone to punctures and tears. Hypo-allergic mattress covers are best for babies and toddlers with allergic reaction.

5- Easy to clean

With plenty of poop and pee time, your baby mattress will need a regular wash. Settling a mattress with a removable and washable cover is a great pick. Ensure that the cover is waterproof to avoid cases of spills. A great mattress cover also should be machine washable for easy wash.

6- Quality

Always go for the mark of quality when selecting your crib mattress. Whichever type you select, make sure it’s certified and safe-proof for your child’s safety during sleep. Following the Chicago Tribune recent whistle blow on crib mattress brands that use toxic chemicals, parents should be on the lookout to avoid health risks on their little ones.

Nurturing your little one demands extra care and attention, take it from a bloomer in the parenting world. For this reason, having the best baby mattress that gives you unmatched comfort when sleeping time arrives is vital. By considering all of the highlighted qualities, you are sure to land a better sleeping deal for your little one. Remember not to mind much on price, but rather quality and safety.


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