3 Key Tips for Finding the Perfect Swimsuit


Unless you have a flawless figure, you may understandably feel uncomfortable and even stressed when you need to shop for a new bathing suit. For many women, shopping for a new swimsuit can be a rather humbling or humiliating experience, but you must have some type of swimwear for your upcoming pool or beach plans. Many styles of bathing suits draw attention to trouble spots and can make you feel rather unhappy with your personal appearance. While this is a common experience for many women, you can more easily choose a great bathing suit that you feel comfortable wearing when you follow a few easy tips.

1- Choose Styles Suitable for Your Body Type

When many women shop for a new bathing suit, they choose styles that they are drawn to because of their aesthetics. Some may even have wishful thinking that they would look amazing in the color and style of swimsuit that they have selected. In reality, there are an extensive range of styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Some of these options may not be flattering, and they could even highlight some of your flaws and trouble spots that you otherwise would like to conceal. Before you start shopping for a new bathing suit, take time to identify all of your trouble spots. These are areas of your body that you are most self-conscious about and that you would like to conceal or diminish, if possible. When you have a better understanding of where your trouble spots are, you can then choose styles that may be more suitable for your unique needs.

2- Conceal Your Flaws

Regardless of whether you want to diminish the look of small breasts, wide hips, the lack of a waistline, drooping breasts, stretch marks or something else, you may find that there are many looks that could meet your needs. For example, if your stomach is a point of concern, choose a one piece or even a tankini. Some tankinis have a flowing or loose top rather than a clinging top. Some one pieces also have a looser top feature. If you have stretch marks on your hips or thighs that you wish to conceal, boy shorts or a skirt-style may work well for you. Remember that you want to conceal your flaws with the right style of swimsuit, but you also want to highlight positive attributes. For example, if you have ample cleavage, choosing a low-cut swimsuit or a swimsuit that has an underwire for added support is a great idea. Some women have a great waistline, but they are not comfortable in a two-piece style. If you can relate to this, you can choose a one-piece with some mesh around the midsection to highlight your slender figure in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

3- Focus on Colors and Patterns

Colors and patterns can play tricks on the eye. Black is often considered to be a slimming color, but when you add an eye-catching feature around the midsection, the benefits of choosing a black swimsuit may be diminished. Patterns could be carefully analyzed before you make a selection. For example, horizontal lines or patterns can stretch the eye outward to give you a wider appearance. This is not ideal if you have a thicker midsection. On the other hand, patterns that turn inward around the waist can have a slimming effect. In addition, brighter hues and bolder patterns are likely to turn heads and garner attention regardless of the style of the swimsuit. If you want to avoid extra attention at the beach or pool, you may want to choose a swimsuit that has a more understated color or pattern.

Each store or website that you visit may have dozens of styles for you to choose from, and many styles are available in various colors and patterns. You can see that your selection of styles and colors can play a major role in how you look and how comfortable you feel. Because you want to look amazing and feel comfortable while you are lounging by the pool or playing at the beach, you should focus as much on your comfort level in the swimsuit as you do on the overall look of the swimsuit.


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