5 Hacks for Caring for a Leather Handbag


In a world where fashion is forever changing, one thing remains the same: we still love our handbags! With annual numbers of handbag purchases reaching 9.2 billion dollars in sales, it is pretty evident that most of us still consider them one of our biggest fashion accessories. Leather handbags have always been one of the most popular luxury and non-luxury handbag varieties due to their sleek appearance and long shelf-life, and now there are many tips and tricks that you can hack into in order to ensure that your leather handbag keeps it’s high-quality appearance as long as possible.

1- Moisturizing Is Key!

Just like our skin, leather needs a consistent dose of moisture in order to maintain its exterior overtime. Maintaining proper moisture levels in our own skin is necessary when it comes to delaying the aging process as much as possible, and the same goes for any leather handbag on the market. Without the proper moisturizing regimen, your handbag runs the risk of becoming dry, and eventually cracking in certain places. Fortunately, there are many leather conditioners out there that are specifically designed to cater to your handbag’s individual needs.

It is important to determine which type of leather your handbag is made out of. Is it pigmented (finished) leather, or is it unfinished leather? This will help you determine which conditioner will specifically work best on yours. Many conditioners even come with added features such as sealants that have the ability to close the pores in your handbag’s exterior, protecting it from any dirt and oils that may enter. Many of these bacteria lead to premature cracking in handbags, so pre-treating your handbag will give it the added layer of protection it needs to maintain its youth.

2- Treat Stains Immediately

According to Sophia of Tuscany, the longer you wait before treating a stain on any fabric, the longer it’s going to take to remove. This is no different when it comes to leather. When you spot any type of stain, try to softly dab some white vinegar on the stained area with a cloth until the stain lifts. If you are unable to lift the stain with the white vinegar, a nail polish remover that is acetone-based will often do the trick (this is perfectly safe for patent leather).

3- Inserts are a Godsend!

Who would have known that you can now buy inserts specifically for your handbag in order to prevent sagging? Not only can you find inserts specifically meant for maintaining your handbag’s shape throughout it’s time in storage, but you can also buy organizational inserts for your handbag while you’re actively using it! This will allow the leather to stay firm overtime, preventing any sagging that can lead to a dull and drab look. If you don’t feel like rushing out to buy professional inserts anytime soon, using bubble wrap while it is in storage can also help your bag maintain its shape.

4- Everything’s Better When It Shines!

Did you know that you can use glass cleaner on the exterior of your handbag in order to give it a glossy finish? This method works best on patent leather, and gives your handbag a nice layer of translucent shine. To achieve an even better result, use some shoe polish to mask any scuffs so that the finished product looks as bright and polished as ever!

5- When It Comes to Storing, Preparation Is Vital

Many people assume that by just throwing their handbag in a plastic bag, or in another form of enclosure, it will serve as enough protection throughout it’s time in storage. Unfortunately, this often leads to the growth of mildew and other fungi due to such a lack of ventilation. Leather needs a primal amount of ventilation in order to maintain its quality, so it’s best to store in an area that is not very enclosed. Many even advise bringing your bag outside every so often in order to promote even more ventilation to reduce drying, cracking, and the overall aging process.

Strutting around with a high-quality leather handbag is enough to make anyone feel like a million bucks! By utilizing these convenient and easily-accessible hacks, you’ll be able to enjoy that feeling for years to come! With just a little love and care, your leather handbag is sure to maintain its exquisite exterior for as long as possible.


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